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The paper "Project Management Plan for Victoria Music Festival" is a great example of a management case study. The following plan was developed by the festival management committee from the three-day music festival which is scheduled o happen in the state of Victoria, Australia. The plan is in various dimensions as shown below encompassing each element of the event as highlighted. Resourcing plan. Foodservice The event, being held for three straight days, needs a huge some resource investments owing to the high number of turnout from the participants. Food is an essential part of every event.

A huge crowd ranging from 8000-12000 demands a large quantity of food in every type. Catering firms will be invited through tender to enable them to compete for the supply of foods to the crowds. The tender shall be offered on the basis of first come fort served and price consciousness shall form a key focus on the issue of tenders to the firms. Food variety is also needed for the success of the event; in that case, cultural foods shall be issued on the request of the crowds at an affordable price.

Free snacks and soft drinks will be provided for free in the morning hours, courtesy of the organization and the inclusive ticket cost. Alcohol, on the other hand, shall be prohibited to the juniors who do not meet the threshold for the drinking age. In that case, checks and balances shall be placed in restricted areas to ensure that identification cards are produced for the youths who buy drinks from the located areas. All food vendors must be licensed if selling food and at least one of the event organizers shall have to sample the foods before it is authorized to be served to the public.

The public health officers shall also be invited to assist with the clearance and certification of the foods being sold. Liquor vendors must also be licensed. The liquor control council shall provide a guideline for then selling protocol, at the same time issue the approval of the authorized vendors in the event. Only beer and wine shall be served at the event and no other liquor shall be allowed, if anyone found in the branch of the regulations, relevant authoritative steps shall be taken against them. Music and entertainment. A festive event would be incomplete without a fully functioning music system and the corresponding DJ.

The acquisition of music systems shall be made in collaboration with Victoria radio station. The company shall provide the speakers, DJs and dancers as well. Then radio station shall also play part in the telecasting and recording of the live event as it proceeds. The evening dances shall start in the evening hours, from 5 pm and go all the way through past midnight.

However, measures shall be taken to ensure that there is adequate spacing to allow dancing space and reduce the scramble for the dance floor. Then DJs shall play some of the traditional and international music according to the requests of the fans from the previous vent. Sanitation. City services shall be provided by the department of street and sanitation of Australia. The services shall be provided during working hours and charges shall apply for services sought after the normal working hours. The services from the department of street and sanitation shall also include posting of NO PARKING signs and towing of refuse drums, which should not exceed 100 drums, otherwise, extra charges shall apply to the event planners.

All vehicles found on the areas marked with NO PARKING sign shall be towed away and charges applied to the owners.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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