Essays on Project Management - a Five Star Restaurant Construction Case Study

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        The paper “ Project Management - a Five Star Restaurant Construction”   is a spectacular example of a case study on management. The aim of this project is to schedule the construction and opening of a new Five Star Restaurant (FSR) to customers in Melbourne in the next 8 months. The project will involve the following deliverables; developing a budget, obtaining planning permits and approvals, planning the marketing strategy, design and construction, development and operation, and recruitment. The tasks include holding kick-off meetings, communicating with project sponsors, registration of business and obtaining design plans and approvals, designing media briefs, designing work plans and final technical designs.

Other tasks will include mobilization, construction to practical conclusion and recruitment of restaurant staff to undertake hotel operations. The 4-story FSR construction and completion is expected to start in May 2015 and end in January 2016 at a cost of AUD$ 640 million. 1.2 Method StatementBefore starting work on the site, the project manager will meet the client and their professional team to discuss the objectives of stakeholders and understand the project constraints. This will be followed by the development of the construction Phase Safety and Health Plan and the Construction Method Statement.

To address transport issues, the project will develop a site Traffic Management Plan to address transport safety and access. In establishing the site, the proposed construction of temporary offices and accommodation will be done alongside the set-up of a canteen, mess, small storage container, and power and mains water. Working with the client, the full schedule of dilapidations will be prepared. All the boundaries will be erected with a Heras type fence and all construction personnel and visitors will report to the site office to attend a mandatory safety induction.

The SHE manager will develop a Site Waste Management Plan where general waste, timber, metal are segregated and removed from the site to assist in recycling. The construction will operate a Business Management Systems (ISO: 9001 certified) which will be adhered to through specific and detailed testing and inspection plan. In enhancing safety and productivity, the specialists, sub-contractors and site management team will promote clean and tidy sites. Risk assessments will capture any dust or excessive levels of noise from equipment.

The construction phase and post-contract stage of the project will involve a range of activities that will be captured in the project Gantt chart.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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