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The paper   “ Project Management and Engineering” is an excellent example of the assignment on management. The present paper is sought to present a comprehensive analysis of the application of project management, in the engineering sector. The particular analysis will involve the evaluation of the engineering project management portfolio. The portfolio analyzed is divided into three parts. The first part of the analysis will involve a comprehensive overview of the PRINCE 2 project management. The second part will be an analysis of the five knowledge areas, as they are presented in the PMBOK, and their application to the project management.

The last part will involve an application of the project management, by a representation of an analysis of an engineering management project, with the association to its failures and successes. Project ManagementBefore presenting the three parts, it is significant to understand the meaning of project management. As indicated by xin and xiaopei (2012), project management implies the comprehensive process of planning, motivating, controlling, and organizing resources, protocol, and procedures, which are aimed and geared towards the achievement of certain defined goals, or solving particular problems.

A project forms the central theme of the management, and which involves the production of the goods and services within a given duration. The project has is operated under several constraints, such as time, financial resources, labor among others. These constraints form the central point of project management. Project management is carried out with the aim of meeting the organization's goals and objectives, while at the same time, observing the constraints associated with the project. Part onePrince 2 Project Management MethodologyPrince 2 refers to a project management methodology, which has been widely used in various projects.

It is considered to be the most widely used project management method and has proved quite successful because of its non-proprietary character. In addition, organizations are able to apply it in a wide range of industries, different project sizes, and varied environments.


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