Essays on Opening a New Sports and Leisure Centre in a New Location Case Study

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The paper "Opening a New Sports and Leisure Centre in a New Location" is a perfect example of a business case study.   The project aimed at opening a new sports and leisure centre in a new location. The project planners hoped to open up the SLC in 18months once they had the necessary approvals they required that act as a green light that will give room for the commencement of the project. The cost implicated and duration spent in this project also put into consideration. The duration and cost of all activities that will be undergone during the project will, however, be required to be presented in the Gantt charts and calendar during the period the activities will take place in the project. 1.1 List of Assumptions. The project planners make the following assumptions concerning the SLC project: Will the schedule be resourced? The resources required for completion of the project require supplementary resources? Will all the resources required to be readily available in terms of time?

The days of work and public holidays should be clearly seen. The duration of the project is 18 months and the project planners assume that there will be no interference during the whole project. The project planners overlook the fact that they will have enough resources to hire more people for managing the project and staff for the ongoing project and still expect the resources allocated for the SLC project to be adequate. 1.2 Project Delivery Methodology Management through engineering shows the project undertaken in a planned well thought out process in order to layout the structure of project milestones successively.

Before the project is actually initiated and built it goes through processes from where the concept was just thought through to designs being actually drafted and the construction process now begins after gaining approval from the relevant authority. Measures that were adopted so as to ensure the project lived up to the expected projection it was to accomplish: A WBS was framed to group project elements into a more controllable system which ultimately makes estimation, planning and allocation of resources easy to its respective trade. In relation to the Work Breakdown Structure and Organization Breakdown Structure was formed which presented the numerous organizations with an input in the project, this was then automatically connected to the WBS. Responsibility Assignment Matrix used to bridge the gap between the work needed to be factored in and the resources to guarantee that the scope’ s components are each assigned to an individual team, in this case, it would be in terms of the builder and other organizations involved. The tasks were then allocated resources, and the work breakdown schedule for the project was ready, which also included the start of the project and when the project was scheduled to come to an end. The total accumulated cost of the project must then be established so as to give the project plan a figure of how much the project was actually going to cost. A Project calendar was created to show all public holidays whereby the workers were exempted from work, RDO’ s and the expected dates and time that certain activities were set to be started and also finished.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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