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As a semester project we were given a task of designing a project and presenting it to our teacher last week. The target of this activity was to let us work in the form of a group or team and both project management skills and tem working techniques. This project gave us a lot of insight not just about the processing of a project but also how to work in a team and how to cooperate and coordinate with team members. We were not such a big group therefore it was not much difficult to handle various issues.

This team work project was not that easy as well as we had to cope with various emotional aspects of each others as well which will be discussed later on as one of the various disadvantages/ problems we faced while working together. This project did not help us to learn how to work efficiently as a team but also helped us to learn what a project is practically. It gave us an insight of how to plan a project, how to implement it and finally how to close it.

When beginning the project we did not realize how long and difficult journey it was. It had to be started with planning, then implementing a then closing down but we realized that other factors were important as well. It was not a one man task but a group activity. And with the passage of time we realized the significance of team work. Towards the end of this project we could say that without good team work we had not even started out the work. Our team comprised of four students.

It was not a big team but one enough with resources to handle out the given task. We started out by having a general meeting. The agenda of the meeting was to understand the project to be done, to absorb its various aspects and to plan how to work it out. The technique we used to work out together and do work efficiently and effectively, we planned to divide the activities amongst us. We did so by planning out the various tasks and steps in the first agenda setting meeting and then we allotted the tasks to one another according to each others capabilities.

One of us was good at conducting surveys so he devised the questionnaires. The other was good at negotiation so he went along him to conduct the survey practically. One of us was good at analyzing so he ran the analysis of the surveys and I was good at mathematical portions. At the end we again gathered together and sorted out our work, finalized it in a form of presentable document and then prepared a Power Point presentation.

Only two of us took the responsibility of presenting as they were good at talking to the audience. Our presentation was quite appreciated by the teacher. An important discovery was that every one of us was a leader and thinker within himself. It posed various communication hurdles as well but also let us have a deep trust upon one another’s findings. The main disadvantage of teamwork we found was that every one of us had a notion that he is correct and others are wrong that he knows everything and others should follow.

This was quite a difficult issue to resolve. So we decided to have a meeting on it and try to resolve the issue. We remained quite successful and learned that communication can resolve any type of issue. To have a confidence upon oneself to convince others is necessary. One of our group members did it quite successfully. Otherwise to meet the deadlines and coordinate was really good amongst us. Its benefit was that at the time of presentation we all had a deep insight about whole of the project.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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