Essays on Project Management Capstone - Problem Identification Assignment

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Problem Identification As the project manager of a car manufacturing company, I have many responsibilities within my organization. Higher management has gone through various factors that support the running of the organization and have gained knowledge of some areas that do not run effectively. From this, they have instructed me to develop a new plan that will see the organization changing positively. My point of contract is very vivid and from here, I have managed to come up with an effective plan that will see various sectors of the organization changing.

The major problem in the organization is the inability to influence a large portion of the market. This has led to low amounts of profit coming back into the organization. The initial goal of the organization was to achieve market leadership in the particular industry. Going through the plan and strategies set to improve the condition of the company is a vital process. Human Resources One implementation strategy involves setting up a reference that will act as the basis of the planning process. This reference shows the various rubrics that the team members ought to follow in their working towards achieving the set goals.

Human Resource Planning involves the profiling of the various employees in an organization aiming at understanding the career qualifications they bear and identifying the human resource needs present. It is also vital to understand the incorporation of competencies into the existing Human Resource Planning system of an organization. Engaging further in the Human Resource Planning concept it is important to recognize that planning tools are very essential in the facilitating of the entire process. Personnel should also receive training for them to work effectively in ensuring that there is the realization of the set goals.

Monitoring the working of the Human Resource Planning strategy is an important aspect to consider as it assists in resolution of problems that may otherwise arise later on (Wit, 2010). Technology As a principle responsibility of the company, it ought to have modern technology. One of the issues is with regard to technology in the 21st century. The contemporary age has received many changes owing to the advent of technology and improvements made to existing systems over time.

Technology is directly linked to the working of employees in different ways. One of the sectors that technology affects is regarding the use of machines in an institution. Many companies have come up that have generated contemporary age machines that are faster and consequently more efficient than the initial ones (Zentes, 2013). Many of the modern learning institutions have had the ability to instill young ones with ideas of how these machines and gadgets work and by the time these young minds clear college, they have the required skills.

For the organization to work effectively it is important to incorporate these new machines with the aim of having a larger customer base and consequently gaining huge margins in profit (Pynes, 2008). Planning thus comes in where people working in an organization when there is the introduction of new machines might not have the required skills to operate them. This factor of technology majorly affects the Human Resource Planning process because many are times that the administration is confused on actions to take regarding the skills presented in the institution.

The institution may opt to engage in the changes brought about by technology by training the current employees in the organization and instilling in them the required skills to run the institution (Wagner & Bode, 2009). This process is important as the company is loyal to their oldest workers and do not find it appropriate to send them off just because changes have taken place in the Information Technology sector. The training process is very hectic and may require division of labor where the management may have to come up with a group solely responsible for the training of these people.

The process is worth it nonetheless. The company may react to these changes in technology by getting a complete overhaul of the workers. This strategy is complicated and consumes a lot of time because by the time the group gets to conduct interviews and hire new employees with the required skills, it will have set the company back in terms of gains. My firm may opt to lay off all its employees due to the advent of new technology in car manufacturing.

When the company fires all the employees, it has to prepare a task force that has the responsibility of tackling interviews with potential employees. While this takes place, rival companies continue making the most out of their present technology and in turn make more profit than the initial company makes. If the company wants to make effective changes in its running, it is imperative to incorporate contemporary technology and consequently it will earn market leadership. Organizational Restructuring Restructuring within the organization may result to change in the development planning process.

Organizational changes may come in the form of adopting new products, shutting down some branches, changing the target market and increasing or reducing the prices of the products (Sweeny, 2008). The organization changes affect the planning based on the situation of the company. The occurrence of any one of these processes may trigger an organization into changing its strategies of appointing and removing workers that has the consequent effect of slow developments. The need for the organization to adopt new products will affect its line of operation and the subsequent criteria required for the intake of the new employees.

This implies that the business would have to adopt new procedures for appointing and removing the workers. It thus important to ensure that when developing the plan, the factors incorporated does not affect the job positions of the workers save for necessary times. A solution for the various problems that the company goes through is the psyche portrayed by the workers. If the workers do not have enough motivation, they have a tendency of leading the company to failure.

It is critical for the company to ensure that it has the required set of controls for the organization. These controls include standards where the best working employees are rewarded while the poor performers are punished. References Sweeny, P. (2008) International Management. London: Oxford University Press. Wagner, S., & Bode, C. (2009). Managing Change and Security: The Safeguard of Long Term Success for Businesses. New York: McGFraw Hill Publishers. Wit, B. (2010). The New Strategic Change Management. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Zentes, J. (2013). Strategic International Management. Chicago: Chicago University Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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