Essays on Stakeholder Identification and Management Case Study

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The paper "Stakeholder Identification and Management" Is a great example of a Management Case Study. In each and every organization, there are stakeholders in it. They play a big role in the affairs of the organization they belong to. A stakeholder or stakeholder can be people or a person, groups, or even another organization or organizations that hold any interest in another organization. An organization can affect or be affected by its stakeholders. In any organization, it is more likely that not all stakeholders are equal and they are not subjected to similar considerations like the employees in the same company.

A good business or organization is one that is able to meet not just the needs of its stakeholders but also their expectations and wants as well. The south Wales Golf Club is a prestigious golf club found in Australia. The club has come up with some management system and in the system, it has put its stakeholders in mind. The club has to effectively ensure that there are proper processes when it comes to managing its stakeholders.

Management of stakeholders is more of a process of managing or controlling the prospects or expectations of any person, group, or 0rganizations that may have an interest in an organization or project. There are three main processes that are proper or necessary when it comes to managing stakeholders. The three processes are: identifying stakeholders, analyzing stakeholders, and lastly prioritizing stakeholders (David 2002). Stakeholders are people who have some interests in a certain project. They may be people who want the project to either succeed or fail. The first process of managing stakeholders has to be identifying them.

It is not a good idea to start stakeholders’ management without first having to know who they really are. Identifying stakeholders should not be a process that is carried out in a “ vacuum” . This is because one needs a team that can help in the identification process. Stakeholders can be either internal or external. This means that even employees within an organization or project can be stakeholders. Internal stakeholders include departments and people within a business. They may include business owners, suppliers, customers, and employees, etc.

external stakeholders on the other hand neither work nor own an organization or business. They, however, hold some interest in the business. The government can be or forms part of external stakeholders (Dennis 2001). Stakeholders are analyzed depending on their attitudes towards the organization or project. Analyzing stakeholders will enable the golf course club to recruit stakeholders as part of the project. The main aim will be to develop teamwork among the “ project team” and the stakeholders. When the team in charge of the project analyses stakeholders, they will have to consider five key points.

They will have to consider the interests of stakeholders. They will also have to come up with mechanisms that they can use to enact influence on other stakeholders. They will have to consider the risks involved with analyzing stakeholders. They will also have to consider chief people who need to be highlighted on the phase of execution. Lastly, they have to consider or put in mind the unpleasant effects of stakeholders who are harboring a negative approach towards the project (Joan 2006).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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