Essays on The International Aids Vaccine Initiative, Community Mobilisation via the Peer Leader Initiative Case Study

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The paper 'The International Aids Vaccine Initiative, Community Mobilisation via the Peer Leader Initiative" is a good example of a management case study. The International Aids Vaccine Initiative is a non-profit global organization aimed at the prevention of HIV infection and the onset of AIDS through the development of a vaccine. It began in 1996 and operates in 23 countries. The mandate of IAVI and its group of partners in research and development of vaccine candidates, advocacy of the vaccine to be a global priority and future accessibility of the vaccine to all. The scientific program at IAVI does R & D for vaccine candidates via the direction and financing of partnerships with over 30 private firms, academia and governmental bodies all over the world.

So far five vaccine candidates have been developed by IAVI partnerships which have progressed from the concept stage to clinical trials on humans. There are partnerships in 12 countries to conduct trials with common laboratory services which can be used to compare different vaccines from different sites. Research carried out by IAVI is about working on new ideas for vaccine design.

They are fiscally the second largest AIDS vaccine research organization program in operation. IAVI cooperates with African and Asian scientists to evaluate the effectiveness of a vaccine in high incidence areas of HIV infections as well as the locations of various subtypes. Other issues on the agenda include ensuring that the vaccine is manufactured in a fiscally accessible way that is also simple to administer. Small scale vaccine trials are being carried out in Africa and Asia through the facilitation of clinics and laboratories in these countries and training of staff.

The understanding between IAVI scientific partners and the parent organization is that any vaccine developed through its auspices will be made affordable to those who need it. Advocacy work involves creating awareness among the leadership, both political and scientific as well as community groups and others about the urgency of getting a vaccine. IAVI pushes for changes in public policy to increase the speed of vaccine research and development as well as approvals for the manufacture and utilization of future vaccines.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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