Essays on Proper Project Management Techniques Coursework

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Generally, the paper "Proper Project Management Techniques " is a great example of management coursework. Determining the manner in which project management techniques can be used when the objectives of the project haven’ t been determined from the beginning as seen in the case of government tourism body. To determine the manner in which project management techniques can be used to keep the project on track and the manner different indicators can be selected to achieve those as highlighted from the case of the tourism body were setting up a competitive intelligence system helped to achieve the objectives Determining the manner in which key performance indicators have to be determined so that control can be exercised as evident from the development of a competitive intelligence system which helped to control the entire project Having proper project management techniques helps the projects to be flexible as time changes and adjustments can be made based on the business needs and requirements.

This helps to reduce the risk and being able to mould the project as per the changing environment benefits the business. This can be seen in the case as the management after setting up the objectives were able to make changes in unit and job descriptions and even purchase new data and equipment so that the entire work can be carried out easily.

The key performance indicator thereby at the time is proper monitoring and making major ramifications so that business needs and purpose is better served The strategic alignment is to develop the project so that the bigger section of the society is able to enjoy it. This was seen in the case as promoting tourism through the use of competitive intelligence system was aimed towards providing benefits to the society and ensuring that the society, on the whole, is able to gain from it. 2.

One of the aspects which can be seen as the problem in the case is that appropriate time was not given on project planning. The implementation of a competitive intelligence system helped to identify the manner in which tourism could have improved but better planning and allocating more time and resources would have helped the project to be flexible.

The process would have provided an avenue where more detailed calculation and analysis would have been possible as this was lacking. Not having a proper allocation of resources and determining the manner in which the different aspect will be considered resulted in impacted the overall result and increased wastage. The value of the project which was directed towards the tourism industry could have improved if more resources and time was allocated. This would have helped to work on the different needs and requirements and would have provided flexibility through which project development would have improved.

Competitive intelligence system would have fetched better rewards as planning would have improved and would have controlled wastage 3. A good example of project planning which can be seen in the project is that to keep cost under control a mechanism was adopted where information which was pertinent for the projects were only gathered. A process was developed where the competitive assessment of the different factors like competitors, changing environment, different opportunities were identified and fed into the competitive intelligence system. This helped to avoid unnecessary information and time could have been spent on important matters.

The overall phenomenon helped to ensure that project was better controlled and the entire risk was spread. The process of controlling cost and minimizing unnecessary information was the key as it helped to ensure that the different deliverables were properly identified and used. The mechanism also helped to work on the different directives and reduce the amount of energy and rim which would otherwise have to be spent on activities which were not required. This was one of the strengths and helped the project to be executed as it was expected to be carried out.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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