Essays on British Heart Foundation Marketing and Critical Path Analysis Case Study

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The paper 'British Heart Foundation Marketing and Critical Path Analysis " is a good example of a management case study. This paper presents a report of the project planned to raise as many funds as possible for a charity. The project is a sports competition event that will be held at the University in July 2012. Within our society, there are many needy people that require the charity of other individuals for them to survive. Taking care of the sick is a good example of a course that is supported by charitable organizations.

The money to be raised in the sports competition is meant to be channeled into supporting the activities of a charity organization taking care of the heart. The purpose and objectives of this report are to present the plan that will be used to organize a sports competition. The charity to be supported is the British heart foundation which is involved in matters related to heart treatment. This charity has recently received overwhelming pressure from those affected by heart diseases and therefore is having financial problems since it has many activities to fund.

Cases of heart diseases in people seem to be on the rise and therefore a lot of money is needed to support the education, research and awareness creation about the diseases (British Heart Foundation 2011). This project is therefore very important since it is expected to raise the money that will see this charity come out of its current financial problems. The report will cover a number of sections among them the background to the British Heart Foundation, the business case which will discuss the objectives of the report, the options considered, Expected Benefits, Key milestones, Costs, Net Benefits and the Potential Risks and Constraints.

It will also feature marketing, work break down structure, Network Diagram and Critical Path Analysis, Gantt chart and finally the conclusion. The information to be included in the report will be collected through desktop research on the matters involved. Information about the charity; the British Heart Foundation and the preparation for the sports competition will be obtained from secondary sources such as journals, books and the internet (Carmona,   Burgess,   Badenhorst 2009 pp.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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