Essays on Project Management, Network Diagram and Critical Path Analysis Coursework

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The paper "Project Management, Network Diagram and Critical Path Analysis" is a great example of management coursework.   Organizing a sporting event for the purpose of raising money for charity is a daunting task. The event will require money which will be used to hire facilities that will help in meeting the operational costs of the project. The project will have the university fraternity as its target audience as well as the public. The event will require stadium, athletic paraphernalia, organizing human resource furniture and participants. The project is set within £ 1,200 which is specifically dedicated to hiring facilities where the activities are to be hosted in, creating the internet portal for the event, and increasing the management teams to coordination procedures before, during and after the event’ s fulfilment. .

The participants will be required to make registration by paying £ 40 and tickets for spectators at £ 10 which will be used for charity activities such as creating a music band, theatre club and other activity which will help reduce the number of street people within our society. Besides the fact that this event drives in a huge chance of profit earning for business organizers in the area, the Events also intend to establish sports camaraderie among participants as the spectators would be coming from all the different parts of the community.

Enhancing healthy interaction among the participants is what this event wants to establish. The organizers along with the project management counsels from the consultants are supposed to have an effective system of communication to provide them the best chances to coordinate with each other as the activities for the plan are being held. Note that the target date for the event’ s beginning is set on July 2, 2012, and any delay in the process could result in failure of the event planning.

Understandably, as the meetings began in May 2012, the committee handling the project still has at least two months to complete every single responsibility they need to complete.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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