Essays on Project Scope Management, Project Cost Management, and Project Time Management Case Study

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The paper “ Project Scope Management, Project Cost Management, and Project Time Management”   is a convincing example of a case study on management. This Project management plan is a document approved for purposes of managing project execution. In the General aviation terminal project, the PMP documents are actions needed to coordinate, integrate, prepare and define various planning activities. The plan covers the following management areas; project integration, project time, project scope, change, project cost, project quality, human resource, communication, project risk, and project stakeholders. Project integrationThe project charter for the General aviation terminal is developed before the project management plan is produced.

The project manager, TB, from Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) is responsible for directing and implementing the pre-construction, construction, and recruitment of terminal personnel to assume technical and administrative operations at the airport. The project manager will also be responsible for monitoring and controlling all the project work taking place on-site. The planning team led by NB and JS from Victoria University will be responsible for performing integrated change control. This will be important in making changes to quality, schedule, costs, and performance.

At the moment of project closure, the director named Tim from Bahrain Airport Company will be involved in the closure phase of the project. The project manager is asked to be skillful in integration management to avoid skids (Smith, et al. 2013). Project scope managementThe scope of the general aviation terminal project is aimed at designing and constructing a general aviation terminal for VIP landing, gliders and corporate business jets in Bahrain. The aim of scope will be to ensure that the required work of construction is completed successfully at a cost of BHB 1.4 million within 3 years and 8 months.

The specifications include 3D architectural drawings, environmentally sustainable designs, and conform to laws and regulations. It should also include security features for customs, police security and passengers. NB and JS will be responsible for planning and defining the scope. Project requirements include finance (funds), physical such as equipment, machines, materials, and tools as well as human resources. Work breakdown structure is created and the scope is validated and controlled. Scope elucidates the need for general aviation terminal, establish airport passenger expectations, manage changes and obtain a go-ahead for the project (Rowland-Jones, et al.

2008). Project time managementThe design of a general aviation terminal project is expected to be started in March 2015 but the actual construction work begins in January 2017. This means the project will involve resources, scheduling, activities and schedule management for good timing. The project will develop a project schedule using a Gantt chart to cover all the defined activities in each phase. These activities are then sequenced in a logical order right from the kick-off meeting to commissioning of the project by Bahrain Aviation company director.

All activity resources and their durations will be estimated. Finally, a project schedule is developed and controlled (Richet, 2013). The structure of schedule management is as shown in table 1 below; Table 1: General Aviation Terminal Project (GATP) schedule management Planning Implementation Closure March 2015- Dec 2016 January 2017-December 2018 January 2019 Deliverables: Design briefs, technical sketches developed, work plans developed, approvals and permits, monitoring and tracking, change management, project sign-offs Deliverables: Site preparations, an inspection of designs, procurement of materials, equipment, tools and machines, recruiting contractors and sub-contractors, tracking and monitoring Deliverables: Inspection sheets, training of personnel, testing and appraisals, change plans Milestones: Design appraisals complete, technical designs developed, work plans developed Milestones: Designs inspected and approved, site prepared, building taking shape, project tracked and monitored, the actual project built and inspected Milestones: Payment documents completed, inspections and testing completed, sign-off procedures done, terminal commissioned Project cost managementThe general aviation terminal project will have its costs assessed, allocated and administered.

Costs are planned and estimated using the construction standards and estimates from UAE. The budget is determined based on the nature of activities and the cost of labor, materials, and machines in Bahrain.

Project manager, TB, will check spending to ensure budget optimization of budget allotment with the allocated and planned budget. The preliminary budgetary allotment is shown in table 2 below;

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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