Essays on Project Management Knowledge and Practice Case Study

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The paper   “ Project Management Knowledge and Practice” is a fascinating example of the case study on management. Project management can be said to be a multi-disciplinary subject. Modern project management theory was developed by the 1950s for the organic combination with engineering fields and later on, project management was recognized as a management discipline with the engineering model. With the era changes, project management discipline and application are also developed and changed -- from engineering to IT industry and now which is widely used in the business field. In order to be a qualified project manager, solid project management knowledge reserve is quite essential, that is the main reason for doing this topic. 2.0Personal problemFollowing the increasing number of deaths due to the inadequate number of health facilities available in rural setups, the government in conjunction with World Health Organization (WHO) has initiated projects of having at least one hospital in every county (Kerzner 2013).

The government acknowledged the dissatisfaction that residents were facing and decided to award me this tender to spearhead the establishment of a hospital in one of the counties (Kerzner 2013).

Therefore, as a construction firm, we are putting a definite plan in place to have an organized roadmap to which this project will run to its completion successfully. Project management is a management science, which needs solid management theory learning as well as actual experience support. I was working as a health project management assistant in my previous working experience. The shortage of affluent and systematic theory support always makes me hard, more so for project integration aspects and time management. Consequently, developing project management competencies is hard work for me.

Project Management Competency Assessment Matrix is a good approach to reasonably evaluate the involvement in projects and map current project management competency. Personally, I will mark myself the competency scores as Competent. Basically I improve integration, communication management ability, but some aspects do not perform well, I will describe them in Gap analysis. To sum up, I will still keep learning project management theories and apply them to real works.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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