Essays on Principles and Strategies - Queensland Health Payroll Case Study

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The paper 'Principles and Strategies - Queensland Health Payroll " is a good example of a management case study. The paper presents a critical analysis of project management in the Queensland Health Payroll project which was awarded to IBM. The project was initiated to replace the LATTICE system which would no longer receive updates from the vendor. The project was a failure since the delivery was done eighteen months behind schedule with the cost being three times higher than the budget of $6.19 million. The failure of the project was also evident when it was launched with problems that would force the government to spend over a billion in maintaining the new payroll system.

A critical analysis of the project shows that the failure can be linked to poor planning. The organization failed to conduct a risk assessment to identify the extreme reliance on the LATTICE system. A risk assessment should have resulted in a thorough requirements assessment in preparations for the eventual replacement of the old system that handled an extremely complex task. The impending collapse of the system and the inclusion of CorpTech as a third stakeholder further complicated the planning due to communication issues among the stakeholders.

In turn, the communication issues led to the selection of IBM as a prime contractor, a decision that prevented Queensland Health from participating in the actual project management. The poor planning explains the scope creep and the resulting increase in cost and time needed to complete the project. The paper concludes with lessons from the project and provides recommendations for project managers. Introduction Queensland Health is the provider of aged care, dental, and medical facilities in the state of Queensland.

The state is notable for having a highly dispersed population that makes the provision of health care services a challenging task. According to Eden & Sedera (2014, p. 3), Queensland Health (QH) serves 40,000 people on a daily basis, with the nature of healthcare being that each patient requires services from a broad array of specialists.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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