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The paper "ERP Management System Project" is a wonderful example of a case study on management. A project manager has been authorized by the corporation’ s board to liaise with E-Com management to acquire the necessary resources for the project as well as assign the responsibilities within the project framework. The project manager’ s responsibility is to monitor and maintain control of the project by determining project performance and initiating any corrective action that may be needed. The complete project plan will be developed by the project manager and submitted to the corporation’ s management who are the sponsors for approval by 1st June 2012.

Upon approval, the resources will be assigned within the next 14 days whereupon work will commence. The work is expected to run as scheduled and the project manager is mandated to obtain any schedule changes affecting the project progress. The online ERP system project will cost $250,000 funded by E-Com Corporation. This project deliverable is considered important for the corporation’ s management and customers by addressing the needs of each of them uniquely and differentiating the product and service based on every customer requirement. E-Com Corporation has recently penetrated the Asian market with a focus on Singapore.

In order to ensure competitive advantage, they are investing in the online ERP system to identify and uniquely address particulate management, and customer needs. Lack of technical manpower to develop and optimize the online ERP system and inadequate financial resources are typical constraints. It is assumed that the project will proceed as planned, and within the budget, and the sponsor who is E-Com Corporation will cater for the necessary expenses and requirements fully funding the project to completion.

It is expected that the project will run on schedule and be complete within six months. It is assumed that the project support staff will be sourced from within E-Com Corporation whereas the technical expertise will be outsourced.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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