Essays on Project Management - The Team (U4DB) Essay

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Last semester, we were given a special project to do a musical play. Our effective team building and teamwork made the play successful. It was a verychallenging task for me as the president of Philippine Literature subject to handle around 50 members. Hence my understanding about the stages of the project team development sustained me to stay optimistic. They best described how our team evolved. In the first place, during the forming stage, there were an overwhelming inquiries needed to be answered yet conflict were not emerging. The questions why, what, who and when were frequently asked by my classmates.

They were all interested to know why we needed to do a musical play. They were very eager to know what the possible rewards our professor would give if the play became successful. Also they questioned me whether all of them would join the actual play, and when it would be presented. Hence I’ve done my best to give them satisfying answers. In the second place, during the storming stage, disagreements arose about what were the things needed to be done and who would do it.

My classmates expressed their individual perceptions of how the work should be done and molded a group perception. They often argued. One of my classmates suggested idea, yet others would comment against it. Hence, having a common goal is one of the most important driving forces to resolving conflicts; I’ve done again my best in bringing them together in unity. In the third place, during the norming stage, we had been finally clarified as to what really be our goals, roles, and boundaries and they were whole-heatedly accepted them.

All of us took the ownership and accountability for getting the musical play done. Hence, I had set regular meetings and practices to promptly solve any occurring problems and ensure progress of the play. Finally, during performing—the last stage, my team became a true team—working in unison and supporting one another. Here, all of us and not just me managed the project. My classmates made adjustments to keep the deliverables on track such as their props and costumes; they helped monitor progress and managed change, all of them took full ownership and accountability, not merely for the completion of our musical play, but for the team dynamics as well.

Hence, during our actual play, I had never heard murmur from the audience; they were very attentive as my classmates portrayed their different roles. Lastly, as the play was about to end, though I was not a performer, I felt like acting with them with a very important role. Our professor declared then that we were exempted with our final examination; it was clear evidence that our team building and teamwork were effective.

After all, all our efforts had been credited! Sources: Phases of team development. Retrieved April 1, 2008, from http: //www. swtafe. vic. edu. au/toolbox/Admin2/topics/topic29/t29_04.htm Project Management: Teamwork. e-COACH. Retrieved April 1, 2008, from http: //www. 1000ventures. com/business_guide/crosscuttings/project_team. html

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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