Essays on Use of the PRINCE 2 Model in a Project of Constructing Tunnel Case Study

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The paper 'Use of the PRINCE 2 Model in a Project of Constructing Tunnel" is a good example of a management case study. Project management can be defined as a process that entails initiating a novel project, planning, putting the project plan into action, as well as measuring progress and performance. It involves identifying the project needs, establishing project goals, balancing constraints as well as taking the requirements and expectations of the main stakeholders into consideration. Planning is the most important part of every project that can be undertaken since it sets the standard for the remainder of the project’ s life in addition to being utilized in tracking future project performance.

Project supervision combines a set of apparatus and procedures – performed by persons – to illustrate, systematize, and supervise the work of plan activities. Scheme administrators are the persons accountable for the supervision of the project progressions and applying the tools as well as procedures used to undertake plan activities. All projects are comprised of procedures, even if they utilize a disorganized approach (Bergman, and Moore 33). Project supervision entails the application of understanding, skills, tools, as well as procedures all through the course of the plan to achieve the project’ s objective.

The project manager spearheads the whole process to see into it that all techniques are applied and followed. In this project plan, we are going to use the PRINCE 2 model in a project of constructing a Tunnel.   2.0 Tunnel Construction 2.1 Project Background The project involves the construction of water transmission main linking a water treatment plant in Edmonton, Alberta Canada (E. L. Smith Water Treatment Plant) on the north bank of a river (the North Saskatchewan River) to the southwest communities.

Tunneling normally involves many uncertainties in geology as well as in the construction process. These uncertainties in tunneling require to be put into consideration when making a decision since they affect tunnel construction cost and time as well as resources. The geological conditions at the tunnel are generally uniform and good. The geology of the tunnel has been investigated using different methods like borehole drilling, electrical resistivity surveys, and seismic exploration. The geology of the tunnel consists of two types of rock namely Micrographic Granite and Diorite.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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