Essays on Management of a Music Festival - Risk Management, Leadership & Management, Approach against Alternatives Case Study

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The paper “ Management of a Music Festival - Risk Management, Leadership & Management, Approach against Alternatives” is a perfect example of a case study on management. The case study is about the management of a 3-day Music Festival in country Victoria across the Australia Day weekend, 2016. Past festivals had crowds ranging in size from 8,000 to 12,000. The weather is normally settled and fine at this time of the year. In addition, local accommodation is limited, as well as the existence of typically narrow, winding, and hilly roads. Resourcing PlanA resourcing plan is one of the most effective tools, which is essential in the determination of the requirements for a successful event.

In the first instance, the planning will incorporate human resources. This is essential in the assessment of the role of the staff members in pursuit of the goals and targets of the event. During this event, there will be an event committee charged with the obligation of overseeing daily activities and actions in relation to effective planning for the success of the event (Radbourne, Johanson, Glow, & White, 2009: 18).

In addition, the event committee will liaise with the event coordinator for the effectiveness and efficiency in the execution of the goals and targets (Yeoman, 2004: 53). Thirdly, there will be team leaders charged with the responsibility of hiring various volunteers towards the realization of the goals and targets of the event. This personnel will focus on the execution of the delegated duties and roles in accordance with the vision and expectations of the event (Wagen, 2007: 96; Silvers, 2009: 41). Secondly, the plan is vital in the integration of financial resources.

The size of the event is enormous, thus the need to seek substantive resources in relation to finance with the obligation of addressing the demands and expectations of the audience (Rowley & Williams, 2008: 783). The event committee will have the obligation of seeking donors and sponsors and donors for the event, thus the perfect platform for marketing and advertising. In this context, financial resources will be ideal in the procurement of various tools for the event. Some of these tools include musical systems, speakers, electricity, tents, and other relevant gadgets, which will be appropriate in making the event a success (Bowdin, O'Toole, Allen, Harris, & McDonnell, 2006: 84).   Risk Management Plan Title Description Mitigation Plan/Description Contingency Plan Human Resources Insufficient staff resources for the size of the event Continuous liaison with the event committee on the workload and need for additional support Ensure the small number of volunteers unallocated for the event duties Human Resources Key staff sick or leave in lead up to the event Event coordinator to utilize event-planning documents Ensure the presence of a 21C Human Resources Key event staff do not show up because of illness Event coordinator to conduct staff briefing prior to the event Assigning of people where necessary by the event coordinator Power Power failure in the course of the event Electrician to note power requirements on site prior to the festival Integration of availability of additional power at short notice Toilets and Rubbish Toilets need cleaning and clearing of the rubbish Event coordinator to ensure that the venue has substantive rubbish bins and cleaners in place, as well as a sufficient number of toilets and patrons Event coordinator to monitor during the event and ask cleaners to rectify the situation as soon as it becomes obvious Toilets Blocking of the toilets An event coordinator will ensure awareness of the blockage by the hiring company Availability of additional public toilets if the need arises Theft of hire equipment Hire equipment is stolen from a venue or performers have personal equipment stolen Ensure availability of the security for the event, as well as informing performers on the need to take out instance cover for the theft in case of any need Have the affected person inform the relevant security authority Overcrowding (Getz, 2008: 412) The potentiality of the event to attract a larger audience than anticipated Focusing on the exploitation or full utilization of the grassed areas Engagement of the extra security to monitor crowds while alerting the stallholders increase in attendance for additional catering Alcohol A person is intoxicated and being socially irresponsible Ensure that the staff comply with the licensing condition while avoiding the tendency to serve intoxicated individuals Security to request a person to evacuate the licensed area while also monitoring potential behaviors Drug Use The person uses illegal drugs at the event Briefing all team leaders, volunteers, and security on the need to be on the lookout for use of illegal drugs Security official to request a person to evacuate the licensed area while also monitoring potential behaviors Bomb Threat Bomb threat called into the venue Ensure that all volunteers, team leaders, and security personnel have adequate information on the communication process, as well as evacuation processes Provide adequate information to the police and security personnel Public Conflict at the Event Development of a public conflict at the event Enhancing the awareness of the volunteers, team leaders, and staff on essential security arrangements and communication processes Inform the police and security personnel on the potential or outbreak of the public conflict Fire at the Venue (O’ Donell, 2005: 180) The occurrence of fire on stage or temporary food outlet All outlets to comply with the regulations and have required fire-fighting equipment if necessary Attempt to extinguish the fire using hand-held extinguishers with endangering the audience Natural Environment Inclement weather requiring event cancellation such as heavy rain and strong winds Development of inclement weather plan and inform all suppliers and performers of arrangements Implementation of inclement weather plan inclusive of the cancellation process Emergency access Emergency vehicle needs to access the event Make relevant accessibility confirmation by the emergency vehicle to the event Availability of marshals to aid elimination of the barriers to accessibility of the event location Leadership & Management PlanFor the event to be successful and effective, in accordance with the mission and vision there is a need to decide on the implementation of effective organizational structure, which demonstrates appropriate leadership and management plan.

In this context, the most appropriate leadership and management plan will incorporate an event committee. The event committee will have the obligation of overseeing the event, as well as day-to-day integration and implementation through the event coordinator, staff, and volunteers.

This event committee will integrate a diverse range of people with a strong standing in the musical event, as well as an effective mix of leadership, entrepreneurial, and decision-making. From this perspective, the critical role of the event committee members will be to offer direction to the musical festival event under the influence or assistance of the event coordinator. Moreover, the role of the event coordinator will oversee the management, as well as the direction of the team leaders responsible for diverse areas of the festival. Furthermore, the event coordinator will be vital in ensuring or overseeing the unification of the efforts towards the achievement of the vision and goals of the music festival as the event of interest.

From this perspective, the event coordinator will report regularly to the event committee on the progress, implementation, and financial status of the music festival as the event of the interest in relation to this management plan.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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