Essays on Music Festival in Country Victoria across Australia Project Plan Case Study

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The paper "Music Festival in Country Victoria across Australia Project Plan" is a perfect example of a business case study.   Project management is quite an important task since it determines the overall success of an event or a project. The essence of project management is poor planning prevents poor performance (Waldman, 2015). The success of anything is purely based on the amount of time and resources invested in planning and their ability to rise to the occasion when the time comes. The aim of this particular paper is the preparation of a three-day music festival to be held in Country Victoria across Australia.

Several preparations have to be considered before the due date including a resourcing plan, a risk management plan and a leadership and management plan to make the music festival a success (Morrison, 1992). a. Resourcing Plan. A resourcing plan is a preparation for the resources needed to execute a project. A resourcing plan takes into consideration the teams required for the project and makes sure that their roles will not overlap; neither will they have to juggle between so many works.

It takes into consideration both human and non-human resource elements of a given project. A resourcing plan is prepared through a process of challenge and response with the business managers whose role will deliver a strategy (Turner, 2009:198). For the event to be successful, several teams will have to be on the ground. First is the executive committee. The committee will be in charge of the logistics for the music festival. The team will meet regularly and discuss the best approach to the music festival. The executive committee will review service providers for specific needs and how the teams will be organized.

They will determine the skill required to carry out the specific tasks, and where to source. More to this, this team shall view the changes made and emerging issues in the preparation of the festival. The committee shall also ensure that relevant permits to hold the event are secured on time (Reddy, 2005). Second is the dé cor, team. The team will be in charge of organizing the grounds by organizing the rooms where the festival will take place and decorating them.

The team will have a team leader answerable to me and will co-ordinate all the activities of the team. Due to the enormous size of the crowd that regularly turns up for this particular event in the previous years, the team will have to be on the ground two weeks prior to the event to make sure stages are set, there are enough chairs and that the grounds are well decorated. The expected turn up will range from 8,000-12,000 people for the event. A security team will also have to be put in place.

This team will handle all the security aspects of the music festival including checking of visitors, securing performing acts and crowd management. The team will have to be in place several days before the festival so as to get familiar with other staff and the grounds. The catering team will handle all aspects involving food and accommodation for guests. The caterers will also handle cleaning halls every evening. Finally are the ushers who will direct guests on the grounds.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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