Essays on A New Operational Procedure for Attending Road Traffic Accident in Lancashire Case Study

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The paper “ A New Operational Procedure for Attending Road Traffic Accident in Lancashire” is an engrossing example of the case study on management. Almost all projects share a common characteristic, which is projecting ideas and activities into a new endeavour. However, risks and uncertainties exist and therefore events and tasks in the project plans can never be prefigured with total precision. For this reason, project management systems today tried to predict as many risks and difficulties ahead so that planning would be more realistic and completion of the project would be more likely despite various challenges.

Proposing a new operational procedure for attending road traffic accident Lancashire requires extensive research because it will involve a sensible risk assessment and detailed planning. The following section discusses current theories and methodologies of project management systems that can be used to support the proposal for alternative operation procedures relative to fire and rescue operations. Moreover, it will also include a simple project plan to show how the proposed alternative would deal with various tasks involve in the operation. PROJECT DEFINITION and BUSINESS CASEThe purpose of this project is to alleviate the difficulties being encountered in attending road traffic accidents such as delays in response, extrication, health hazards, reporting, and protecting people from the effect of major road traffic accidents.

The project is expected to effectively reduce the time of response while maintaining the standard of safety for all personnel and the public. The project is also expected to improve the process of extrication of victims trapped in their vehicles and reduce hazards caused by oil spills and other chemicals. Since implementing a large project can be overwhelming, this project will be divided into smaller steps to ensure it can be implemented methodically and completed according to schedule.

This project acknowledges the limited financial resources available for such work particularly in the field where expenses may be higher thus it will limit its scope as much as possible to indoor research and discussions regarding procedural improvement. Moreover, the time available for research and discussion is also limited by the availability of team members and resource persons.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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