Essays on Project Plan: The McConnell Company Case Study

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The paper "Project Plan: The McConnell Company " is a great example of a case study on management. The Dampier and Banbury project is an extensive entity that is expansive, economical, and technical in all sorts of manner. This, therefore, means that all that is to be done has to invite decisions and skills from different experts and intellectual veterans (dpd 2013). Depending on the nature of a project, the number of consultants at any given time will always depend on the specific objectives of the project and the outlined goals that should be achieved at the end of the first, second, and the final stage.

From the outline, the project is managed by the state government of Wa or Perth. The association of industries operating within the state of Wa has an indirect influence on the and their decisional input is of great benefit to the state government. The realization of the objectives and goals of any pipeline project depends upon the input of the contracting firm and that of the main contractor as well as subcontractors. This calls for a chain input of ideologies, and expatriate from both the McConnell company and from the state government.

In most cases, the state governments are represented by oil and petroleum engineers and scientists who understand the mechanics and principles as well as standards of construction (Mikoluk 2013). The main contractor McConnell is represented by a chain of experienced personnel. The working team on the contractor’ s side have an integrated experience network that performs well in a more cohesive way that promotes self-generation of ideas. There is a board of the management team and directing team that all works within the frameworks of being successful in all projects that they are entitled to either as contractors or subcontractors. Your picture, vision, or dream of the project’ s outcome functioning. Before any project is manipulated and put into place, the problem statement is clearly explained and put forth for analysis.

After an analysis, the feasibility study is carried out to make judgments on whether the project is necessary or not. This stage involves the use of individual experts who have experience in accessing the scope of projects (Mikoluk 2013).

This involves use of parameters such as the population of the residents, the number of companies in need of the natural gas, the land terrain, requirements, and the effect that the project may cause to humanity.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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