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PROJECT PLAN Topic Project Overview Our project is to try and identify some of the problems that have impacted the U. S. Postal service and led to the decrease in its market sales. Some of the stakeholders in our project will consist of the team members, our project is self sponsored by the team members. The outcome of our research is to be used by stakeholders who have been identified to try and revive the U. S. Postal service. The team decided to appoint one of our members to be the team leader he will be responsible with coordinating all the activities that are to be carried out by the team. The team held a meeting and decided to carry out stakeholders interviews so as to identify some of the needs that we were out to identify. The team was able to identify several needs that were to be addressed to the latter by the team, and this were; being too late to the web, too late in entering the e-Book market, too many brick-and-mortar stores, too much debt and being over-invested in one product and non-strategic approach to marketing Project deliverables The team members decided that some of the deliverables were to be; 1.

Planning 2. Project requirements 3. Project design 4. Training 5. Support and implementation Roles & Responsibilities of Team Members The team members were assigned different roles that each and every individual was to undertake. The team leader was to oversee that every deliverable was attainable; he was also to ensure that all deadlines were met and ensure that every member was carrying out the duty assigned. The other members were also appointed to be in charge of every deliverable, every individual is to come up with a strategy of how a deliverable assigned to him is achieved in a timely way. Management Processes The team came up with some of the standards that were to be followed so as to be able to complete our project within the required time, some of this were, every person in charge of a deliverable is to issue a report to the members of their outcome in every meeting held so as to assess the steps made in every department. Some of the monitoring and control mechanisms that our group came up with were, to give each individual a deadline of when a presentation was to be given to the team of their progress and outcome, frequent communication with the team leader so as to ensure one is still on course and delivery of the findings by each member to the team leader on a daily basis. The team agreed that we were to use quicker means of communication that were easily accessible by each member and some of them were; use of phones, mails, charting via the internet, hosting conference calls and also holding discussion boards.

This was identified as the easiest means of communication that could help in spearheading our project. The team also agreed to channel any matter arising to the team leader before a crisis meeting was held so as to help in scorching the matter arising. Finally all the members were made to sign a statement of agreement prepared by the teem leader confirming that each and every member was to abide by the terms and conditions put in place, and also help in ensuring that our project is successful. GANTT chart

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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