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Executive SummaryThe introduction of an Electronic Medical Record System (EMRS) in Queensland University of Technology, School of Public Health is the conversion of existing manual record keeping system into digital format wit the use of the latest information technologies to facilitate the health personals as well as to the other stakeholders including the patients and their attendants(1). The complexity of the healthcare system has increased in the recent years and the physicians and the healthcare personals have achieved the higher degrees of the advanced knowledge in the fields of medicines and the surgery for the cure deadly diseases in perfect manners.

The conversion of the existing healthcare system into EMRS will facilitate all the stakeholders both the primary as well as the secondary ones to benefit from the change as being considered by the QUT Medical Center. The objectives of the project will be fulfilled with the selection and installation of latest technology in the field and the same would be achieved with the adoption of a changed methodology by the administration of the center. The installation of the EMRS would benefit the physicians in the shape of authentic and quick data relating to the patients along with the their past history, the patients will get proper medical care and treatment in perfect manner, the administration will benefit from the system in the form of effective delivery of services and authentic record relating to the healthcare as offered by the centre and finally the general masses will be satisfied with the overall quality services from the QUT center.

The installation and adoption of EMRS will be completed within a period of one month and the total cost of the project will be equivalent to 20,000 AUSD.

The cost of the project would be rationalized in terms of the benefits as are associated with the installation of the system in cost benefit ratio as the benefits are more in economic terms as well as in social cost of the project and the cost will be recovered in a short span of one year period(2). The implementation of the project will move in systematic and coordinated mechanism as through the selection of the project team including the project manager, selection of the relevant technology along with the software systems, capacity building of all the stakeholders, especially the healthcare personals and the administrators of the center(3).

The whole mechanism will be helped by the adoption of a communication plan for the information of all the stakeholders as on regular basis and the preparation of a risk management plan so as to adopt the same if required for the achievement of the desired results as are associated with the EMRS(4). Project Overview and ScopeThe adoption of EMRS is an essential requirement for running the affairs of the QUT center as to deliver the healthcare services in befitting manner.

The execution of the project would provide authentic medical data in the digital format; the same would facilitate the working of the center as transparent and without any ambiguity for its further utilization by the relevant stakeholders (5). The manual record keeping method would be changed and the whole process will benefit all the stakeholders as on win-win basis, therefore, project will be completed as per its designs and the same would serve as a model for its replication in many other healthcare establishments for the achievement of similar objectives as on economical basis.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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