Essays on Objectives of Emperor Communication Limited Case Study

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The paper "Objectives of Emperor Communication Limited" is a great example of a case study on management. The paper is about the case study of the management aspects of the project plan. It bases its contents on the marketing objectives of Emperor Communication Limited. Emperor, a phone manufacturing company, plans to launch its 6th generation phone, with modern advanced and unique features, one month prior to the launching of the competitor’ s product, iPhone that has similar features. Its aim is to have a significant market share before the competitor’ s product is released.

The paper provides a project plan for the intended project. The paper utilises secondary information from the internet, books and periodicals to come up with a workable plan. From the discussions, a number of important project plan details are covered, including the possible risks and issues of the project. Proper mitigation practises are put in place so as to realise the goals. The paper recommends that the company should focus on all the aspects of the project plan and adhere to them so as to realize the full potential of the project. INTRODUCTIONPreparation for the execution of any given activity requires adequate planning.

The plan covers all the expected aspects of activity including the schedule, the cost, the participants, the tools to be used among others. With specific attention to project planning, a workable formulation of the design involving the plan descriptions, assumptions, possible external effects among others is worth being looked at in details. The process is a vital part of any organization, therefore, the entire stakeholders are supposed to be represented for effective design. (Lear, 2006).

The project involves the planning for the launching of the new product, myPhone, by the Emperor communication Limited. It is a phone manufacturing company that plans to launch its new product, with modern technological features, 1st February 2013. The company responds to the Industry intelligence report that announced the release of the 6th generation iPhone on 1st March 2013. Therefore, the Emperor’ s strategies are to popularise its product before the release of a similar product so as to have a significant market share.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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