Essays on Development of Heavily Branded Informational Site Assignment

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The paper "Development of Heavily Branded Informational Site" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. When the organization entered the World Wide Web, the effort first aimed to post information of the school to extend its reach among prospective students, parents, and students. However, as the internet continues to offer rich opportunities for organizations, a website no longer serves as a luxury but an important communication and business tool. For most businesses and organizations, the internet's power in reaching out and enhancing the brand image of an organization is the realization that must be addressed and sought.

Apart from this, the school eventually experienced several difficulties in its approach and strategy of the use of the web: unmanageable contents, easing the core departments with the burden of updating and administering web content, among others. Thus, the proposal to redesign the website of the school is right on time viewing the importance of cost-efficiencies, competitiveness, and enriching the brand experience of customers or users of our current website. The Name-of-Your-Proposed-School Redesign Project proposes to implement heavy branding along with a look and feel that brings the public image and online presence more in line with the level of quality the school strives to present.

Improvements to navigation, usability, and content delivery will be made to make school information and web services more accessible to stakeholders while allowing for simple updates and routine maintenance of the content through administrative areas and content management. To begin with the project, the proponents set out several key objectives and goals that will guide the development of the website of the school. These are – Revamping the visual design and look of the website by ensuring that it is user-centered and implements heavy branding to adhere to the branding systems that the institution implement among other communication tools it uses. The development of the content management system that will set the stage for content authors from the different school departments to take charge of ensuring the accuracy and relevance of contents.

The CMS is geared toward a more efficient collaboration between and among school departments. Redesigning the website of the school to increase the delivery of services via the cyberspace.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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