Essays on Assessment of Health Needs of the People of Saudi Arabia Research Proposal

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The paper 'Assessment of Health Needs of the People of Saudi Arabia' is a wonderful example of a human resources research proposal. Sakakah is a metropolitan area found in Saudi Arabia. It exists as an economic and cultural center. The demographic and socio-economic distinctiveness of the northern Saudi Arabia part is varied compared. The population of this area has enlarged swiftly from the year 1999 (Mc Donald, 2001). Data indicators of this community composed of age, gender, race, population, population distribution, health insurance, and education (Alyousif, 2010). These indicators are essential in the promotion of health in the community of this part.

The proposal will help to create a profile for the people of northern Saudi Arabia which will help in the determination of different resources to be allocated to support health and quality of life in this community. Health is a state where all parts have functional and metabolic efficiency in a living being. In human beings, it comprises the mind, body, and spirit meaning they are free from illness, injury, or pain. World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being of an individual (Naidoo, 2000).

Providing good health to the community is only one of the tools in the process of giving meaning to past actions and to create a better future. The health program has the main objective of creating community-based health services that is capable of providing health support to those with health problems. The overall objective is achieved through the project purposes which are: Implementing a community health center, providing counseling services to those in need and training services to educate the community. To start a pilot project where health services are provided to the community and primary health care level. To improve health for people of northern Saudi Arabia by controlling chronic infections, and eliminating the health disparities in the community. AimTo achieve the above objective, the health promotion project aims to eliminate health disparities that exist in the northern Saudi Arabian community.

Moreover, the project aims at enhancing the health status of the people of northern Saudi Arabia and improving access to health care for the people. Many deaths in northern Saudi Arabia are caused by a lack of good health.

Health survey revealed that nearly one-quarter of the residents have no form of health insurance. Mostly, they use emergency care when there is an outbreak of a particular health problem. Most people in northern Saudi Arabia lack access to good health care for reasons that they don’ t have good jobs, health insurance policies, and health disparities (Cragg, 2009). Health promotion project is mostly used to control chronic infection in citizens of Riyadh community. Adults between the ages of 60-65 years are more susceptible to chronic infection and so they were part of those targeted Health issues have become a paramount feature in common life today.

It is inevitable for the government to seek mitigations in which, the citizens may be educated on how to promote their health. One's health revolve around physical being, emotional and spiritual. The health care systems have to be ensured that they meet their core objectives. Initially, the health systems focused on the outcome of the results rather than, focusing on the capability of a given program to be implemented.

The environs of Riyadh have had subsequent problems that faced them as it concerns health issues. Northern Saudi Arabia is a metropolitan area having its population comprising of an emerging number of cities. Increasing economic inequality in northern Saudi Arabia remains a major pressing problem (Mc Donald, 2001). After the effects of the business cycle there exist a widening division between the rich and the poor.


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