Essays on Improving the Quality of Customer Service through the Collaborative Filter Software - BigPond Movies Research Paper

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The paper "Improving the Quality of Customer Service through the Collaborative Filter Software - BigPond Movies " is a perfect example of a management research paper.   This project is geared towards building an online customer service that will improve the quality of customer service and also satisfy the tastes of the customers. The development of the new software will transform BigPond Movies; this is because as Burton, (2007) argues if customer’ s needs are well met then the company will attain its objectives. In an interview with the Sydney morning Gerald (2012), one of the customers of BigPond Movies expressed the fact that searching for movies using the T-box is an activity that is very cumbersome.

The customer raised complains that the T-box only allows for searching for movies using the actor’ s name which makes the search difficult. For instance, the name Sherlock Holmes is one of the names that is featured on new releases, the search for the abbreviations ‘ ’ sher’ ’ is quite difficult. This is because the T- box only offers limited movies; only three actors have such a name therefore only three movies can be selected by the customers.

According to the customer, the search for movies using the actor search is actually a hit and miss. BigPond Movies provides a reputable service for downloading movies; the T-box also provides a quality playback for movies. Furthermore, the prices offered to customers are cheaper as compared to other companies. However, it is essential to note that creating a great brand online involves providing exceptional services to customers (Wysocki, 2010). The expectations of the customers or subscribers when they access a site to search for movies include; Ability to get what they want Huge selection Ease of use and convenience Fair price   How the new software (the collaborative filter software) in order to ensure that customers can easily access movies; Application of prediction algorithms in order to give users the products they need according to their tastes A customer rating system is made available to get customer preference Software classification is undertaken which monitors the trends for both new and existing customers Data is personalized according to the experiences of customers Customers can now easily access the movies they want. The online software will, therefore, be beneficial to the company in terms of improving customer search and also meeting their preferences. 2.0 Overall Aim and Purpose 2.1 Broad Outline The project is intended to develop online software that will assist customers in searching for movies easily.

The software is also beneficial because it will assist the company in meeting the preferences of consumers. The final outcome of the new software is to have a website that is easy to access in terms of getting the product that one requires. Also, the customer does not have to waste a lot of time searching for moving using the names of the actors they can just log in to their preferential movies and get what they want. 2.2 Scope of the project The overall objective of the project is to enhance the quality of services offered to the customers this will, therefore, enhance customer satisfaction. The limitation of the project is that the new software will require a lot of monitoring and organization in order to ensure that that project works effectively.

This, therefore, implies that that company will incur additional costs in terms of manpower and web development.

The estimated total budget is about $3,000,000. However additional costs such as market research will be incurred as the project progresses. Another limitation of the project is that chances of imitation by other online movie lending business are also higher.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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