Essays on Launching the Apple iPod with Increased Memory Research Proposal

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The paper "Launching the Apple iPod with an Increased Memory" is a perfect example of a management research proposal. In the following proposal, there shall be a detailed outline drawn on the proposed project on the launch of a product for a company. The product launch that has been undertaken to be discussed is that of the apple I pod with increased memory. The product is to unveil for the first time in the global market and its launching and marketing is to be managed and organised. Introduction: Marketing is an important concept of the production process and there have been gradual shifts in the marketing strategies of companies.

Public Relations in the marketing sector helps a company ensure that there is an exposure of its products in the market, so as to create awareness and demand of the product among the consumers. It has seen a number of changes with the changes in the economic structure and social developments over the years (Calcagni T, 2009).   The economic structure has grown and evolved into non-recognition from what it was two centuries ago.

There have been a number of changes that have taken place, and there has been the development of new ideas and concept for the execution of the process of production. Ideas like labour, technological changes and development, management of resources, production using sustainable methods are concepts that have developed very recently (Grunig, James & Hunt, Todd, 1984). There has been a shift from the agricultural age through the industrial age to what is existing today, the information age within 100 to 200 years. (IngentaConnect Publication). The following paper shall discuss the proposal for the project which looks into the launching of a new product in the long-range of products of the global organisation, Apple.

The product that is going to be launched is the new I pod shuffle where certain improvements have been made in accordance with the demands and requirements of the users. This will involve managing all the key players like the managers, the media, the corporate personnel and the infrastructural needs of the event like the venue, the catering, the music and the unveiling of the product (Birkin, M 1994).

A timetable will have been set up which would be followed while the product launch is being held. The media will have to be invited and managed, where sufficient awareness and coverage for the product can be created and established. Thus strategic management will have to play a key role in coordinating the various differential demands of the event so as to ensure that the event is carried forward without any difficulties. The objective of the project: At the beginning of every event, the basic objectives and aims of the event need to be outlined so as to ensure that the focus of the event does not divert (Grunig, James & Hunt, Todd 1984).

The basic objectives that need to be fulfilled during the product launch include: Ensure that there is a creation of media build-up before the launch of the product so that the creation and awareness can be created in the market well before the launch takes place. There also have to be personalities established who will be linked with the product so as to ensure, who would endorse the products and would be behind the products. There also has to be ensured that the brand is positioned in the psyche of the target audience and the consumers.

Brand recognition has to be established in the market. The launch will also look at creating a positive image of the products in the market. The various media and consumer expectations have to take into consideration and there has to be ensured that these are upheld and met. The core value of the product also has to be exhibited and communicated.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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