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2. The registered headquarter office of INTEX will be located in England. 1. The Company is set up for(a) Provide, preserve and develop main highways as well as roads to make ease of access to major transport routes. (b) The constructions of business buildings both within and outside the country. (c) The construction of residential houses as well as industrial. (d) To put up sewers, roads, highways, bridges and tunnels in addition to other projects. (e) Help unemployed people find employment(f) Provide training as well as re-training opportunities in the construction industry, particularly for unemployed citizens(g) Provide technical support in the building industry.

(h) Provide buildings on favorable provisions to companies so as to venture in business and generate employment opportunities for unemployed individuals. (i) Preserve constructions in the regions that are of historical and architectural significance. (j) Provide public amenitiesIn the provision of the said objectives, the Company shall have authority: To promote for the public benefit of urban or rural building regenerations in places of social as well as economic dispossession by all or any of the stated ways: The assistance to curb unemployment in such means as may be considered fit, together with support to get employment The advancement of Construction teaching and training, mostly unemployed groups, and providing the unemployed groups with labor know-howThe provision of technical support or construction advice as well as consultancy. The conception of training along with employment opportunities by the creation of workspace. To put up for sale, mortgage, or dispose some of the property as well as assets of the company.

To buy or else obtain plant along with machinery and to submit an application for their patent rights or copyrights. Provided that: I.

The company’s objectives shall not go beyond the regulation of affairs among employees and employers. II. In the process the company obtain or hold some assets subject to the jurisdiction of the Construction Authority of England, the company shall not put up for sale, mortgage, or lease the asset with no consent of the owners. III. The profits as well as property of the company shall be functional only towards the backing of its objectives as stipulated forth in this Memorandum of Association. Provided that not anything herein shall stop some compensation in good faith by the company: 1) Of sensible and appropriate payment to any associate, official or employees of the company for services provided to the company in addition to of sound traveling everyday expenditure made in carrying out the duties of the company.

2) Of realistic and appropriate remuneration package to a project manager and/or company administrator who might be selected to manage the company/project. 3) The members’ liability is limited. 4) Of practical and appropriate rent for property left or let by any company member. 7) If in the lead of winding up or dissolution of the company, remains, following the contentment of the debts as well as liabilities owed, any possessions whatever, alike will not be remunerated to or dispersed between the members of the company, but will be relocated to a number of other construction institutions with objectives similar to the objectives of the company (OPSI 2007).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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