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The paper "Merlin Library Management System Project" is a perfect example of a business case study. The custom of research and development has been embedded in Merlin’ s University of Science and Technology and the institution continuously seeks to better its performance and productivity in the scientific research sector. The department of scientific research is responsible for scientific studies and research conducted by other stakeholders for the improvement and development of science. The department has been facing difficulties in the management of the resources needed for the daily studies and operations that take place in the University.

As a result of this, a task team has been created to come up with a system to manage the scientific resources; specifically books and library resources. The task team is from Gervas IT Experts (GITE). The project includes the development of a system that will manage operations such as looking for reading material in the library’ s log, provision of data on the accessibility of books, creation of a database for users where they can access library resources and transmission of information on notes of overdue, bills and loss of books.

The project additionally provides internet availability for users and soft copies of books purchased by the institution over the internet. This project, therefore, outlines a design for the library system where the lending process will be created to manage and improve the efficiency of the use of written resources so as to promote research and development in Merlin University. This document furthermore presents the goals of the project, the project scope, the deliverables, and the expected risks and their proposed management and the budget.

Additionally, the communication plan, specifications and customer issues are also outlined. 1.1 System Overview Merlin Library System will be created over an interface that is based on the web which will allow a large number of users to access library services. The key functionality of the software will include insertion of data, queries, monitoring and tracking of library materials and storage of information.  



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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