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The paper "Project Review and Project Plan Issues" Is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. National Program for IT is a medical software application developed for the purpose of improving the National Health Services (NHS) in the United Kingdom. The project is entitled, NHS Lorenzo. The system has eight sub-systems which help the major system to carry out its activities effectively. These subsystems includeN3 infrastructure, Detailed Care Record, Choose & Book, Summary Care Record, Electronic Prescription Service, Mail Service, Picture Archiving System, and Data Spine. All these sub-systems have their unique functionalities in the major system.

Each of these functionalities is described below. The summary Care Record Sub-system contains the major details of a patient. The patient, using an online portal, can be able to view this information. In addition, the information is stored on a National Health Service database making all the staff be able to retrieve it whenever it is needed. The sub-system gives the patient powers to limit its usage by the staff. I addition, a patient can restrain from having his or her portal created for the same. The Detailed Care Record Sub-system handles comprehensive information about the patient.

It stores all data regarding treatments the patient has undergone and the medical history. This sub-system is more detailed than the Summary Care Record Sub-system. The system can be used by the staff to store and view the medical records of a patient. N3 sub-system is the networking system used to link different workstations that use the Lorenzo system. This sub-system consists the networking software and applications, protocols and database rules, and networking hardware. This sub-system helps to link different end devices that use the Lorenzo system. Choose & Book Sub-system is a sub-system responsible for booking through electronic means.

The sub-system allows the patient to book medical treatment via a portal. The patient reserves an appointment with an NHS doctor through this sub-system. This enables the patient to book for treatment without having to take great pains in visiting the hospital to do the same. The electronic Prescription Sub-system is responsible for prescribing the patients. The Sub-system is used by the doctors to prescribe the necessary treatments and drugs for various illnesses in the patients.

The system stores this information in the database for future retrieval and use. Data Spine Sub-system stores all the patient data in the system. It acts as the database user interface for the staff of NHS. The sub-system ensures the security of the patient data through the use of encryptions and passwords. This ensures illegal access of private patient information by unintended personnel. The sub-system also connects other sub-systems allowing them to use various data sub-groups from the main data store which is the database. The Picture Archiving Sub-system is responsible for storing all images used in medical treatment.

This includes various X-ray images and other radiology images used to diagnose the patient. This allows easy retrieval of these images when they are used for future reference in the treatment of the patient. The Emailing sub-system allows communication through the staff and patient through emails. It ensures online care and support of the patient through addressing their matters of need. Further, it allows the sharing of medical knowledge and quick communication on matters of urgency. This ensures continued communication among the staff and patients.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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