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The paper "Project Scope Time and Cost Management of Anglo-American Coal-Mining Company " is a perfect example of a case study on business. Anglo-American coal mining company currently uses traditional methods in its mining operation and production. Due to the nature of changing business needs and coal demands, the traditional mining system is insufficient to meet the business needs. A better system is required to reduce duplication of work, decrease mining support personnel and resources and thus Anglo-American has sought to deploy a three-year project during which the current operations will be in transition to continue expanding infrastructural demands (namely bottom roadways and Underground Conveyor Systems) to strengthen mining operations.

This project would include but not limited to make it easy to transport coal from underground, review operation processes as necessary to meet the demand by quicker processes, and supporting self-support operations. Integrate interactive production software with the possibility of tracking production capacities. It has been considered that, by incorporating electronic software in the long-wall, Anglo-American mining programs will be more efficient, secure, and promote coordination to manage activities related to production and management.

It will also enhance the timely completion of activities by streamlining mining activities and relaying the correct information related to the quantity and quality of coal by efficient software that synchronizes departmental operations. The project estimated timeline depends on the number of stages that run between 2 to 6 months and expected to be completed in a span of 3 years. Resources estimation depends on the number of deliverables expected. Funding for Grosvenor Project is estimated at a value of $264.5 Million. The major role of the project manager will be to manage the project scope, time, and cost. 1.0 Introduction Anglo-American has carried coal mining activities at Grosvenor since 1998.

From 2013, Anglo-American was committed to integrating efficiency and capacity across its coal drilling operation and mining. The organization is focused to reduce duplication of effort, inefficiencies, and streamline mining operations to support increased needs for production and coal supply. As part of business, a new electronic system and technology are being developed to promote coal access and connect to organization operations to provide core data about quantity, quality, and infrastructure and support requirements.

Project scope and cost management are incorporated to delineate the sphere of project deliverables and cost analysis. The scope deal with a number of new tools for mining operation support across Anglo-American, assist staff meets business needs, broader customers expectation, and regulatory obligations. Project cost identifies the resources required besides staff for the purchase of hardware and software. The cost analysis will break-down the estimated cost and reasons. 2.0 Project Scope management The main project objective is to create a new tool that is necessary for supporting mining operations and information sharing across the organization.

Specifically, the project uses a methodology in designing and implementing the mining system and associated guidance to Assist in the development of an electronic system and operation management system which will be linked to Anglo-American mining operations. Create Anglo-American specific functions, activities that can be merged at one point to cover the functional and administrative processes. Implement a merged system across Anglo-American and ensure application in all departments and assist in identifying policy and procedures for operation management tools as required for the support of the above functions.


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