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Insert and box number here) MA 120 BID: 294 18 February Project 5: Linear Programming Applications An automobile manufacturer makes cars and trucks in a factory that is divided into two shops. Shop 1, which performs basic assembly, must work five man-days on each truck, but only two man-days on each car. Shop 2, which performs finishing operations, must work three man-days for each car or truck it produces. Because of men and machine limitations, Shop 1 has 180 man-days per week available, while Shop 2 has 135 man-days per week.

If the manufacturer makes a profit of $300 on each truck and $200 on each car, how many of each should be produced to maximize profit? The variables when solving this particular equation include the man-days, and the machine limitations. The constraints presented in this particular problem are the man-days available per week, which vary depending on shop and task. The objective function of this particular equation is to determine the best way to maximize profits based upon vehicles produced. Solution: Let x be the number of trucks and y the number of cars to be produced on a weekly basis.

5x + 2y

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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