Essays on Promote Team Effectiveness Assignment

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IntroductionHuman beings have been working in teams since time immemorial. History reveals that people have always worked together for various reasons. These purposes range from achieving, conquering and also explorative. The nineteenth century had many organizations having untapped team work but only enhanced individual efforts. Many organizations normally come up with teams that have to accomplish various tasks. Teams are able to tap the input of each member therein and therefore come up with a lasting solution to many issues within the organization. Each and every team always has to be focused to achieving the ultimate goal.

A team leader has to work towards motivating all the team members towards the same. This paper is a plan to develop a team in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Bass, (p, 35. 2000)As a team leader, the following aspects will be carried out in order to see to it that the team succeeds. Competency elements within the team are very essential as they also play a role in enhancing success. Team members have to be pragmatic, honest and hardworking among other elements.

Team leadership also has to have integral competency elements in order to enhance success. Identification of objectivesThe first step as a team leader is to make clear the purpose of forming the team. This is whereby the objectives of the team are clearly set out. Objectives normally give the entire team focus and helps in avoiding handling of issues that are not within their aims. In this stage, one has to clearly identify the specific goals that the team has to accomplish. The objectives or goals have to be identified and put down in written form.

This acts as a reminder to the team on the various issues that have to be accomplished. This can be summarized as the team’s purpose. After objectives are identified, roles and responsibilities have to be issued out to the team members. This is concerning who is responsible for accomplishing what. At this juncture it is also very important to make clear what each individual’s job description would be. All these issues have to be carried out with consent of team members. Individual inputAt this point, it is very important to encourage each and every team member to give in their ideas.

This is concerning planning for the team. This will be carried out through giving the team members the opportunity to give in their input without fear. This is also concerning all the operational aspects of the entire team. It is normally very important for every team member to know that their views are very important. DePree, (p, 45.1989)Time frameIt is never enough for objectives and strategies to be put in place without having a time frame put in place.

This includes the period of time that various tasks have to be accomplished. After issuing out tasks and responsibilities, it is quite important that team members understand the time that they have to accomplish them. As a team leader, deadlines have to be put in place in order to avoid delays. Through this initiative, the team would be able to achieve the desired outcomes.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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