Essays on Promoting Employee Voice and Upward Communication in Healthcare Assignment

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The paper "Promoting Employee Voice and Upward Communication in Healthcare" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Task one Kimberly Adelman currently is the Director of Knowledge Translation Services in Samueli Institute, clinical instructor in the department of health sciences and adjunct professor at Columbia Southern University. He has also worked with Marshall and Steele-Stryker performance solutions as a consultant and many other positions in different firms. Task twoThe article ventures in outlining the benefits of upward communication in a healthcare setting. The article has successfully pointed out that promoting employee voice has desired outcomes in the overall culture and performance of health care settings and achieved better results in terms of goal achievement and unity of direction. Task threeCEO's approachability and visibility; emerged as a central theme in the study.

The CEOs and other top leaders were in this study present and visible regularly in their organization. The face-to-face interaction of top leaders and the CEO with the employees built trust and a healthy relationship between the two parties (Adelman, 2011). The regular presence of leaders made the employees talk comfortably to them facilitating a two-way communication channel.

The CEO's visibility gave them an opportunity to listen to employees’ feedback in their working environment. The culture of employee involvement in ideas and decisions fostered a culture of continuous improvement guided by the organization’ s vision, mission, and standard employee behavior. Formal communication strategies were designed to encourage two-way communication and facilitated crucial upward feedback to the leadership. CEOs were, however, present for direct reporting since they understood that formal reporting strategies somewhat hinder frank reporting (Adelman, 2011). Task fourWhile many researchers emphasize on formal structure and scalar chain of commands, this article has taken a different dimension in fostering healthy feedback and two-way communication in a healthcare setup.

The top-leaders and CEOs can create a healthy feedback system by simply being presently available to employees. The formal way of communication may, in as much, hinder frank reporting and feedback from the employees (Adelman, 2011).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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