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Promotion Analysis Every company must promote their products to the target market in order to earn revenue from sales. Promotion entails the advertisement of the product to the target market and effective promotional strategies must be developed to increase the sales level of a companies (Diamond Match Company, 1953). North face’s steep apogee men’s jacket is no exception and the company has taken steps to ensure it competes favourably in the market. Communication strategy adopted by the company ensures that promotion success is achieved (Jones, 2008). For the case of the apojee men’s jacket, the use of internet and direct selling was applied as the key communication means where information about the product was conveyed to the customers during the sales process.

Those who went to purchase the jackets got information required from the sales agents. Media sources like television was also used in passing promotional messages (Monippally, 2011). Through the television channel, the company was reached many people and made the advert attractive making the jackets be preferred. The nature of the jackets like the warm characteristics, adjustable belts and the quality of the materials, double vents and the many pockets was also a distinctive feature that was highlighted during the promotion process.

These desired characteristics of the products made it gain competitive edge against its competitors and were stressed when marketing the product (Diamond Match Company, 1953). To make the product distinctive, the jackets have been branded hence making them unique to other jackets. The design is attractive and presentable making it possible to be worn even by those going to work as they remain smart in the jackets. Motorists and cyclists have also identified themselves to the jackets.

The warmth of the jackets prevents them from contracting diseases like pneumonia that arise because of the cold nature of their work environment. These have made the product distinct thereby developing a brand. Manufacturing a product without making sales adds no value to a company. It is through sales that the company derives its revenue and become a going concern. (Picard, 2005) Apojee men’s jacket are sold in cloth boutiques and supermarkets making them readily available to those in demand.

The jackets can also be purchased online and be shipped to their destination. This has made the cost of the jackets be high with an average cost of $419. It must be realised that the sales level has remained high. Other sales techniques that could be pursued include the sale of the jackets in large cloth stores where retailers could increase their stock and further penetrate the market. the company could also make sales via the use of agents in other states and regions through entering into joint alliance and trade partnership. The sales method should ensure easy access of the products to the target market making customer boost their loyalty and increase the sales turnover of the company. The promotion strategy of the jackets have so far succeeded and the company should come up with measures that will ensure growth of its market share and an increase in its product awareness.

Promotion budget and advertising expenditure should be increased to make the product be in mind of the customers and increase the market demand (Picard, 2005). Competition makes companies restructure and transform their operations in order to gain efficiency and effectiveness.

In conclusion, North face’s steep apogee men’s jacket quality must be maintained and if possible improved to create a high switch cost to their customers. The company’s design should further reflect the needs of the customers and take into account the changing customers need. If well incorporated and many colours of the product made, a wide variety of customers will prefer the products and increase the success in the industry. Branding is a key success requirement for product profitability. Reference List Diamond Match Company.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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