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Promotion and Supporting SleepIntroductionNursing assessment is the initial stage of the nursing process whereby the medical nurses strive to relate with their patients. The nursing profession aims at determining the patient’s health condition before allowing them to seek attendance from the physician. This enables the physician to review a brief and comprehensive patient’s medical background and health history before providing them with any form of treatment. In providing effective treatment, the physician has to understand their patients and the rate at which their body conditions respond to treatment. Nursing assessments further assists in determining whether the patient suffers from multiple health conditions of which they may be not aware of (Wilson & Giddens, p6).

Therefore, these assessments assist the physician in determining the health status of the patient and also develop a communication link between the doctors and nurses. This essay paper aims at discussing the promotion and supporting sleep aspect of basic nursing care aimed at improving the quality of services provided by nurses. It will also discuss on the rationales beneath nursing management decisions and how the decision making process can be improved.

Appropriate Nursing AssessmentsAs indicated earlier, nursing assessments gather the basic medical information required by a physician in providing a patient treatment. Due to this significant role played by the patient’s assessment, nurses are required to ensure that the gathered information is correct and up to date. Wilson and Giddens suggest that to achieve this end, nurses are required to use an assessment checklist that will assist them in collecting the relevant information pertaining to the patient (23). Sleep enhances a balance in an individual’s health conditions thus improving one’s health condition.

Previous medical researchers have revealed that an individual’s lifestyle is directly related to their health conditions (Wilson & Giddens, p14). Sleep has also been singled out as a common factor that determines the wellness of the human body. Sleep enables the body to rest and recover energy lost during the active hours. As a result, individuals that do not get sufficient rest suffer from fatigue and this goes a long way in determining their health conditions. These conditions do not necessarily require a physician’s intervention but rather a change in one’s lifestyle.

Therefore, when conducting patient assessments, nurses should seek to inform themselves on the patient’s lifestyle. This will enable the nurses to identify whether the patient actually gets adequate sleep or not. In the event whereby the patient does not receive adequate sleep, the nurse should seek to understand why the patient fails to get sufficient rest. In gathering this information, the nurse can use the general health questionnaire as an information gathering tool. Nursing assessment checklists are other tools that the nurses can utilise and provide the physician with a brief summary of the patient’s health condition (Reite, Weissberg & Ruddy, p7).

With the assessment checklists, nurses can be able to note the patient’s sleep schedule to identify whether the patient has a regular or spontaneous sleeping schedule. Varying sleeping hours can contribute to negative health conditions as the body is not able to adjust itself semi-automatically. By recording the patient’s ability to sleep and sleeping hours, the nurses will be able to fully assess the patient’s health conditions and identify the source of poor health conditions.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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