Essays on Promotion Strategy - Integrated Marketing and Communication Plan for Biome Case Study

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The paper “ Promotion Strategy - Integrated Marketing and Communication Plan for Biome" is a  spectacular version of a case study on marketing. In a generic sense, promotion can be perceived as the direct way in which an institution makes efforts to reach its publics and is often undertaken through five chief components of the promotion mix. These include advertisement, personal selling, direct marketing, public relations and sales promotion (Aliata et. al., 2012). Promotion is one of the marketing mixes which has been assessed by diverse researchers in regard to its relationship with market share.

These efforts have been geared towards finding out whether a sound promotion strategy has the capacity of elevating sales and profits in a given firm (Moghaddam & Foroughi, 2012). Against this backdrop, this project seeks to develop an integrated marketing and communication plan (IMC plan) for Biome, which is a small family business engaged in the manufacture and distribution of a wide alley of eco-friendly products ranging from recycled tire floor to gas ceiling lights. This firm has a physical store in Paddington (Brisbane) which opened in June 2005 and a second store in which instigated its operations in September 2007 in the central business district (CBD) of Brisbane, Australia. In this case, this project is aimed at identifying the needs in the market place which is through a comprehensive analysis of the campaign audience as well as the audience perception.

Additionally, this project will explore the marketing and communication objectives as well as the idea behind this campaign. On the other hand, this project will analyze the marketing communications strategy and tools in addition to how the success in this campaign will be measured. 2.0 Project selection and rationale The rationale behind this project is that Biome as a company has for a long time been confined within the boundaries of Australia.

In this case, it has not been able to expose its environmentally friendly products to consumers in the international scale despite their increased demand expedited by increased concern over climate change in the contemporary world. In this regard, this project is a profound step towards launching the products from Biome in the international platform which will not only impact on their overall organizational performance and profitability but will also be core in the provision of a solution to the future problems confronting the planet in regard to climate change. Additionally, it is worth noting that the promotional strategies in the contemporary business environment have changed, mostly as a result of the extensive dynamics in the consumption of promotion platforms.

It is worth noting that technological evolution has triggered diverse changes in promotional strategies, mostly with the increased popularity of the internet and social networks in promotional strategies.

Subsequently, the need to increase the presence of this company on the internet and social media which will eventually contribute to the international dissemination of its products also forms a key rationale for this project. In this case, this project is selected with the aim of utilizing diverse promotional tools which will be central in the achievement of different objectives outlined in a subsequent section of this plan. The attainment of these objectives will be key in the realization of the internationalization goal of Biome triggered by elevated globalization in the modern world and increased market liberalization among other dynamics.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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