Essays on Promotion Strategy for Small and Medium Business - Milestone Integrated Marketing Consultants Case Study

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The paper "Promotion Strategy for Small and Medium Business - Milestone Integrated Marketing Consultants " is a great example of a marketing case study.   Companies tend to operate on inactive strategies that cost it the benefit of advancing. In Australia, research indicates that there are myriad small and medium businesses that fail to excel due to poor strategies. Precisely, the businesses fail to initiate strategic approaches towards achieving a better economic status in the long run (Katz, 2007). Most of these circumstances become because the firms have not created a reliable marketing network.

In addition, the firms fail to create potential public awareness concerning the company. Efforts by the Integrated Marketing Communication to create necessary approach get called for especially when the firm needs prompt strategizing. Ideally, most of the businesses that are working friendly and have an elasticity gap within which it can get developed deserve IMC support. This essay will explore the feasible avenues which a business, through IMC can get applied to enhance better sales and market. We, the Milestone Integrated Marketing Consultants (IMC) have a profound and reputable history of consultation in the integrated market strategy divide.

The members of the consultancy firm, which is part of, are outstanding. This is not the primary or initial moment we have encountered this form of a task. We, in the fullest capacity, can offer a profound decision on the next strategies that the business can take to elevate business profiles. Recently, we have dealt with firms of small, medium and large sizes which have shown exemplary results after applying a collection of the proposals that we gave to them. The diagram below show a collection or loop of services extended at Milestone IMC. An integrated marketing consultation plan for Bremmar Consulting firm It is predetermined important that businesses that have the Zeal to conquer the market forces should engage in consistent advancement and strategize business operations.

This enables the specific firm, whether small or large to withstand the market forces and make improvements in their level of production. Application of the proposed IMC plan will have a number of options that the company can use. First, Bremmar Consulting is a consulting firm situated within the Australian small businesses category (Lynch, 2013).

Its major role is to assist firms to improve their online-based presence through the provision of a merged platform of strategic, as well as, tactical approaches. Precisely, the company offers splendid services of developing strategic research programs with the objective of assisting the customers to run their digital operations effectively. Ideally, some of these tasks include customizing solutions such as ethnography studies, traffic analysis, in-person user connectivity, and user experience evaluation endeavors. The company can get predetermined as one of the most outstanding and creative inventions that ever existed.

However, by the demographic characteristic of the firm’ s employees, it is clear that not all strategies are in place. There are marginal gaps that ought to get fixed in time. The firm does not offer any tangible products since all the output in the firm is in the form of services. Therefore, more stringent strategies should be placed to assure affirmative progress in the near future.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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