Essays on Promotions Management at Australian Energy Providers Case Study

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The paper "Promotions Management at Australian Energy Providers" is an outstanding example of a case study on marketing. I am an IMC Director at Australian Energy Providers (AEP). This company was formed by an English WWII veteran, Jesse Daniels, who after the war immigrated to Australia for a better life. Our company’ s job is to provide the Australian populace their electricity requirements, by providing them with electricity generated from power plants operated from coal, fossil fuels, wind turbines, Solar Power and Biomass Fuel. Background to Company and Industry: - Our Company can be classified as a mid-level to a big corporation, and the majority of its stock is state-owned.

Our Head Quarter is located in Sydney. With three more offices located in Perth, Melbourne, and Canberra. Our processing plants are located in Melbourne and Perth. I have been assigned the job to develop a plan for my company’ s and its products, that will make our company and its products, as well as our customers and clients increasingly climate-conscious by emphasizing on the use of green energy. The steps were taken by the current Rudd Administration in which we have to switch from environment polluting carbon fuel to more environmentally-conscious green fuels.

The steps that management should take in order to switch to the environment-conscious company are to depend more and more on the electricity, we generate from using Wind Turbines, Solar Power and Biomass Fuels. And in the future, we also vision to create electricity through Nuclear Energy which might be dangerous but can be one the cheapest, cleanest ways of producing clean energy. Australia has the highest per capita carbon emissions among developed nations at 18.1 metric tons of CO2 emissions per capita but less than the United States which is at 19.54 metric tons of CO2 emission per capita.

(World Bank, 2010). Target Audience analysis: - Target Audience is a specific group of people, recognized as the projected addressee of an advert or message. It is also known as the target population. (businessdictionary. com). The Australian populace is increasingly concerned with climate change. Nine out of every 10 Australians (89 percent) are now more than ever concerned with the climate change, with almost 49 percent being either extremely concerned, with 32 percent very concerned and 17 percent somewhat concerned.

Further, nearly 3/4th of the populace believes that new electricity generation should come from clean energy. (climateinstitute. org. au). The general Australian population is becoming increasingly aware of the threat that is posed by Global Warming and the impact that it will have on the Australian Environment and economy. In Australia, the working class makes up 58% of the population and the 30 makes up the lower middle class. (Rick Kuhn, www. anu. edu. au). Looking at these figures, the working class of Australia makes up more than half of the Australian population means the money is there, for people to afford our products and services.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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