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The paper 'Property Assets Management Project - Hospitality Industry" is a good example of a management case study. According to Garg (2006), Property management is a hard task but also very essential. It involves operation, control and overseeing good use of real estate to ensure proper accountability. For the last decade, most individuals and appliances company have been working on energy efficiency in order to ensure that money is well spent (Norden 2007). This has been taken care of by energy labeled products in the market. In this report, I have focused on individual property.

Good management of the property can result effective of one resource this ranges from how we buy and how we save on the cost to be incurred. I have discussed in detail cost incurred in making my premises, some of the cost I have incurred due to misuse of resource and ways I can save these resources. Also, I have explained the methods I have used to buy products and how I plan to save for the future. Donada( 2009) says that as the hospitality industry is much growing a good asset and facility management is very essential to be able to stand up among the competitors who are in increase each day.

In this report have also highlighted how we can use the lesson learnt from my own house in managing the hospitality industry. Property description My house is located in my countryside farm of approximately 0.4 Ha. It covers approximately 2000 square feet with a small kitchen garden and a fairy garden for my kids. The house is also surrounded by trees to block the wind and also is located in a small hill, covered by vegetation to reduce damage by water and also reduce erosion.

Due to adverse weather conditions in the area, it is fitted with funs, house heaters and water heaters. It’ s a two-bedroom house with a porch stretching on the outside. It has an architectural design of a cottage with an exterior finishing of a siding. The house is designed to have one floor with a primary roof pitch of 12:12 and a roof peak of 12 feet and 2 inches.

The house has a width of 40 feet and a depth of 34 feet and a total floor area of 1056 square feet. The total living area is 945 square feet with a kitchen, living room, study area washroom and two bedrooms. The house has two doors each made of wood, it also fitted with an alarm system. The windows are also made of wood with window panes and each room has one bulb apart from the master bedroom which has three. There several security lights and floodlights around the house. The house has a slab foundation and used a truss roof framing.

The house is connected to a water supply and electricity from municipal. The following shows materials used in the house. Description Quality Total SITE WORK     Site Clearing and Grading standard 850 Driveway, Walkway, Patio, Deck, Landscaping standard 2820 Site Electrical, Gas, Water, Sewer Utility Extensions standard 1305 FOUNDATION     Home Foundation Walls standard 2262 Home Footings standard 953 Porch Foundation Walls standard 1284 Porch Footings standard 360 Excavation (foundations) standard 838 Excavation (crawlspace) standard 1459 Slab on Grade (home, garage, basement, crawlspace) standard 1279 BASEMENT     Basement Excavation, Poured Concrete Walls/Footings, Drainage, Rigid Insulation standard 1000 SHELL CONSTRUCTION     Home Floor Framing standard 10552 Porch Floor Structure standard 613 Home Roof Structure standard 9018 Porch Roof Structure standard 2426 Garage Roof Structure and Shingles standard 2500 Exterior Framing Stud Walls, Insulation, Sheathing; House Wrap standard 8999 Exterior Wall Finish Material standard 7210 Special Trim Complexity standard 0 Exterior Windows, Trim standard 7478 Exterior Passage Doors, Door wall, Overhead Garage Doors, Trim standard 647 Home Roofing Shingles standard 3011 Porch Roofing Shingles standard 497 Roof Guttering standard 235 Special Roof Valley standard 450 Roofing Soffit and Fascia standard 3056 Attic Insulation standard 1006 SPECIAL SPACES     Kitchen Cabinetry, Countertops, Flooring standard 4917 Master Bathroom Cabinetry, Mirror, Countertops, Flooring standard 4231 Full Bathroom Cabinetry, Mirror, Countertops, Flooring standard 2443 Half Bath Cabinetry, Mirror, Countertops, Flooring standard 326 INTERIOR     2x4 Interior Wall Framing standard 2183 Stair Construction standard 1275 Railing and Balusters standard 1091 Interior Doors, Hardware, Trim and Finishing standard 4260 Baseboard Molding and Finishing standard 1435 Interior Drywall: Walls standard 2912 Interior Wall Primer and Painted Finish standard 1922 Interior Drywall: Ceiling standard 5575 Porch Ceiling Surfaces standard 1033 Interior Ceiling Primer and Painted Finish standard 857 Interior Floor Finishes standard 6295 PLUMBING     Water Supply, Distribution, Waste, Water Heater standard 3076 Bathroom Fixtures (Master Bath): Sink/Faucet, Toilet, Tub/Shower, Supply/Waste/Vent standard 3186 Bathroom Fixtures (Full Bath): Sink, Faucet, Toilet, Tub/Shower, Supply, Waste, Vent standard 2173 Bathroom Fixtures (Half Baths): Pedestal Sink, Faucet, Supply, Waste, Vent standard 590 Bathroom Fixtures (Half Baths): Toilet, Supply, Waste, Vent standard 585 Tub Enclosures standard 295 Kitchen Sink, Faucet, Garbage Disposal standard 825 Laundry Sink and Faucet standard 410 HVAC     Equipment Efficiency Premium (High AFUE and/or SEER) standard 426 Air Infiltration Premium (Very Tight Home Construction, Heat Exchanger) standard 0 Gas Forced Air Furnace, Air Conditioning, Metal Ductwork standard 7347 Direct Vent Fireplace standard 0 ELECTRICAL     Electrical Service, Power Panel, Distribution standard 2839 Fixed Lighting standard 1919 Security System, Hard Wired Fire / Smoke Detection standard 410 APPLIANCES     Refrigerator/Freezer, Dishwasher, Stove, Exhaust Hood, Washer / Dryer standard 3916 Closet Systems standard 1849 Special Construction standard 100 GENERAL CONTRACTING     Contractor General Conditions, Site Supervision, Overhead and Profit standard 19217 total sum   161616 According to Chan (2001) and (2003) in maintenance practices and performance of hotel buildings, he explains that good building is essential in the success of the hotel.

From my house construction in designing a hotel plan, it should be designed in such a way there less cost incurred. Unlike mine the place should be of less natural calamities to avoid destruction also tit should be flat to ensure that there is less cost on ground leveling and fewer contractor fees. The appliances should not be in excess in the room for easier tiding and more comfort. (Lamminki 2008)


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