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The paper "Health Care Reforms" is an excellent example of a research proposal on health sciences and medicine. Health care is important for each person and is therefore beneficial for the existence of the human race. The heath sector has faced different problems some of which have been partially solved while others are unturned stones. In my research, I will discuss health care reforms in terms of awareness, and affordability of health care. Background Broad issues affect the health care sector but most of them originate from lack of awareness and un-affordability by the larger percentage of patients.

Discussing these issues is of utmost importance since they are the cause of high mortality rates. The health sector has been faced by problems in controlling mortality rates because of unawareness and incapability to afford health care (Goldsmith,   2014). The health of every person is important to themselves and to those around them. The number of deaths caused by unawareness rates 13 % of all deaths while those caused by lack of medical attention as a result of affordability rates 27 % of all the deaths (Linda, 2013).

This rate of deaths has persisted at this range over years giving rise for the need for me to perform research on this issue. Lack of a remedy to this problem will cause more deaths in the society According to (Thomson, Bevan & Sparks, 2010)awareness of health issues is passed from generation to generation, and failure to inform one generation makes the next generation less informed. Deaths as a result of affordability also need to be addressed. Most diseases are easily spread to one another and failure to treat a disease causes it to spread and is likely to cause more deaths, which would have been avoided by providing affordable care (Warden & Griffith, 2012).

It is my expectation that addressing these issues would reform the health sector. The readers of my research paper should have a clear understanding and information about the history of the medical field. They should be able to understand the strategies that have been used in subsidization of hospital bills and the current average costs of medical treatment costs. They should be able to appreciate the need for public awareness and understand the levels of unawareness among most citizens particularly the poverty struck communities.

Audience The study and its results will be addressed to the staff in the health sector. In particular, it will address the departments involved with public awareness and the finance department. The public awareness department has the responsibility of ensuring that the public has enough knowledge of current issues in the medical sector and that they have the know-how of basic health. On the other hand, the finance departments are responsible for charging the health service and they decide upon how much is to be charged.

They two departments have performed well in recent years but I still believe a lot has to be done. Deaths resulting from un-awareness and un-affordability of the medical charges are still at alarming levels. Topics to Investigate In my research paper, I will discuss health care reforms in two major topics. I will discuss the affordability of health care and public awareness on health issues. In the course of my research, I will be answering the following questions.

a) How can the cost of health care services be reduced to accommodate the level of citizens? b) What improvements should be made to reduce heath cost without reducing its quality? c) What precautions should be taken to ensure that the public is treated before their health conditions get worse and expensive to treat? d) How can we ensure that the public is aware of any current issue in the health sector? e) How can we ensure that the public is able to maintain their hygiene to avoid the occurrence of certain diseases?

In this research, I will only address how well to spend the available funds in the medical sector and I will not discuss how to get more funds. I have intentionally left out the latter as it a political matter. I will also discuss the methods that can be used to ensure that most people have the awareness of current health issues and at least the basic health knowledge. Methods While conducting my research, I will use books and journals as my major source of information.

I will use journals some of which I have already read and have knowledge about. The following bibliography shows the sources I will be using in my research. Working bibliographyGoldsmith,   S.  B. (2014).   Understanding health care management: A case study approach. Burlington, Mass: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Goldsmith uses a case study of a successful health facility and he describes the daily procedures that are carried on in the facility to act as a guide to the institutions that are failing in the health sector. Linda, D. (2013).

Strategies for health care cost containment in 2013. Journal of Communication in Healthcare 6(1)1-3 Goldsmith,   S.  B. (2011).   Principles of health care management: Foundations for a changing health care system. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Linda is a re-known author on health issues and has studied a lot in health care management. This book provides the reader with a variety of principles that are required in the health sector to create awareness on health issues among the citizens. Thomson, N.M, Bevan. J.L, & Sparks, L . (2010). Healthcare reform information-seeking: relationships with uncertainty, uncertainty discrepancy, and health self-efficay. Journal of Communication in Healthcare.

5(1), p. 56-66The writers explain the causes of the various uncertainties and discrepancies that are experienced in the day-to-day running of the medical field and after extensive research, they provide recommendations and proposals. Warden, G. L., & Griffith, J. R. (2012). Ensuring management excellence in the healthcare system.   Journal of healthcare management/American College of Healthcare Executives,   46(4), 228-237.This journal is of much importance during this research since it brings out the failures of the health sector as a result of poor management and provides guidelines on how effective management should be put in place


Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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