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The paper "Social Media Marketing & Zain Telecom Company" is an outstanding example of a management research proposal.   Social media marketing has attracted a significant amount of attention from marketers in the recent past and has actually been considered to be the next face of business marketing in the contemporary world. The use of social media marketing has been singled out as a highly efficient marketing tool that is expected to earn businesses a significant amount of revenue. The use of social networking sites and mobile marketing are especially popular and they promise to enhance business in a significant manner.

As a rapidly growing company, Zain Telecom could gain significantly from the use of social media marketing; hence the reasons why this study will use the company as a case study for the subject. Aims of the research The main objective of the research is to establish the impact of social media marketing on the overall marketability of Zain Telecom. It will seek to establish the changes that would be expected if Zain undertakes social media marketing as opposed to traditional media such as television, newspaper and radio advertising.

The research will aim at answering the following questions: What is social media marketing and what role does it play in business marketing? Which forms of social media marketing tools are available for use by businesses? What is the impact of using social media marketing at Zain Telecom? What is the relevance of social media marketing in consumer buying decisions? Background context It is notable that social media marketing has been identified as a growing trend in contemporary businesses and that it is being constantly used in advertising company products. Essentially, companies that use social media marketing are expected to be highly successful as opposed to those who stick to traditional media (Russell, 2009).

As a growing business, it is important to explore the possibilities of gaining from social media marketing at Zain Telecom. This paper will seek to establish the impact that social media marketing would have on the company so as to establish the effectiveness of this new trend. Scope While this paper aims at conducting research that is directed towards the entire business world, the impact of social media marketing at Zain Telecom will be discussed.

The research, therefore, is mostly about Zain and how social media marketing is expected to impact on the company. Literature review A considerable level of research has been conducted in this area due to the recent popularity in social media marketing. Cerado (2008) introduces the concept of social media marketing through an article that attempts to explain the relevance of social media in business. According to Cerado (2008), social media provides companies with a chance to interact with customers globally; enhance communication with customers; improve customer service; obtain relevant information, and market products in a convenient manner.

Benkler (2006) further notes that social media helps a company in the collection of information from stakeholders hence improving the quality of service. Social media according to Walter (2010) has generally been triggered by the advancing use of the internet around the globe; which has given individuals increased access to the World Wide Web. Besides, there is increased use of mobile phones which are highly utilized in social media marketing (Al-alak & Alnawas 2010; Michael & Salter, 2006; Pelau & Zegreanu, 2010).

The importance of social media takes a central role in this discussion and the literature by the authors identified above will be highly useful in the study.


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