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DAYCARE ON CAMPUS INTRODUCTION On Campus daycare centers have become a need of almost every college or As the number of single mother or father rises in the country, it increases the issue of childcare among adults. Many of the individuals, who want to pursue more education or the teaching career, may be benefited by on campus day care facilities which will be helpful in enhancing the number of students and adequate teaching staff as well. BACKGROUND For the academic life style, the American Association of University Professors issues the following as a part of Statement of Principles: “The lack of a clear boundary in academic lives between work and family has, at least historically, meant that work has been all pervasive, often to the detriment of family. ” (Statement of Principles on Family Responsibilities and Academic Work) Globally, the day care centers are closely monitored by legislative authorities to avoid child abuse.

Such legislations specify the minimum requirements for an establishment to qualify as a day care center. It specifies minimum floor space per children, maximum number of children per room, qualification of supervisors and the ratio of supervisor to the children.

The authorities also monitored for compromising situations in the past and may take any necessary measure in the benefit of community to either favor or disfavor particular day care facilities. Day care legislations also monitor any kind of discrimination to the children in the facility. PROPOSAL We propose to open a day care center on the campus that will offer childcare, kindergarten and after-school care facility. This facility is proposed for teachers and students to help them in reducing their parenting duties. To provide an adequate day care facility, it is proposed to construct a building within campus.

The cost of construction a separate building unit for that purpose will be around $1-2 million due to the commercial standards of construction on a university plot along with the specific contractors’ requirement put by legislation. The proposed building will be a two-floor facility to occupy around fifty children. The building will be built to the West of the campus with a separate pathway to the main road to increase accessibility by parents and reduce probable interference of campus students.

The building will be quipped with adequate bathing, sleeping, eating, and safety and health care facilities. Initially, a supervisor and a manager will be appointed to take care of children and the number of supervisors will be increased per 15 children. CONSEQUENCES Campus daycare facilities will help young parents, especially mothers who are facing problems with their partners. Single mothers already face lack of sympathy, understanding and money along with the isolation from others. In this situation, on-campus child care facility will help them by making them feel a part of the community.

A cheap, affordable daycare facility will help such women by reducing their stress and pre-occupancy of mind with childcare thoughts. However, to provide a cheap and affordable service to on-campus parents, whether student or teacher, it is necessary to ask for government funding. The cost of construction for daycare building is too high along with the monthly expenses of supervisors’ salaries and maintenances expenses. In this situation, a cheap service to the customers will enhance losses. The only way to not transfer burden to the customer is by applying for government funding program for daycare facilities to reduce the start-up cost of daycare program.

Government support can play a big role by giving appropriate guideline to comply with relevant legislations and, also, by giving financial support to the university which will help in reducing over-budgeting issue. The campus has to initiate hiring process also for the post of childcare supervisors to hire appropriate candidates along with adequate experience. The candidates must have no criminal background and an experience of handling all ages and types of children without any racial, or any other type of, discrimination.

It is very important to take all protective measures to eliminate any probability of child abuse, which has been reported for some day care centers recently. CONCLUSION With the growing economic problems, facing by individuals, it will be a great service to the community to provide a daycare facility on campus. It not only helps in reducing emotional and psychological problems among student-parents but it also helps them by reducing their daily routine problems. Campus daycare facilities are important in improving public relations with the faculty and the students.

It helps universities and colleges in getting connected with more individuals and enhancing the circle of trusted individuals. WORK CITED AAUP American Association of University Professors. Statement of principles on family responsibilities and academic work. Web. March 16th, 2012. http: //www. aaup. org/AAUP/pubsres/policydocs/contents/workfam-stmt. htm

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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