Essays on Five Prevalent Pitfalls when Prototyping by Jared Article

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The paper "Five Prevalent Pitfalls when Prototyping by Jared" is a delightful example of an article on information technology. The article in this case talks of the five major pitfalls that may be experienced when prototyping. This article may be found in the User Interface engineering website. It can be scrutinized that prototyping is also known as Heuristic development. This process involves developing a system via a controlled process of trial and error. The Prototype uses high-speed development language such as fourth-generation language 4GLS. There are two basic methods of prototyping namely; gradually build of the actual system and building the model to create the design (Jared, 2003).   The five major pitfalls of the prototype described in this article include; it focuses on drawbacks rather than learning.

Secondly, It tends to make too much coverage without making sufficient divergence, some prototype such Axure take time to master. It may take one work on the wrong fidelity, especially if there is a lot of jumping and finally there is a lot of evaluations since prototyping tends to be broken down into several stages (Jared, 2003).

The one thing about prototyping that surprised you the most The one thing that surprises me about prototyping is that a good design prototype can sell and idea better compared to any other form of design. Further, a prototype may come in different shapes and sizes (Jared, 2003). Purpose of prototyping within the example in the chosen article Based on the article chosen above prototyping serve the following purposes namely; it helps the users to understand the idea better by getting deeper into that idea as well as help to sell the idea to other people.

Further prototype reduces the time required in exploring an idea (Jared, 2003).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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