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The paper 'Mechanism Which Queensland Railways Could Have Adopted " is a good example of a management case study. Organizations need to continuously look at making changes through which the overall business phenomenon changes and the business is able to gain effectiveness. Businesses whether working in the private or governmental area needs to continuously make changes so that they are able to deal with the changing environment. The report looks at analyzing the manner in which Queensland Railways looks at making changes in the working environment by analyzing the difficulties which the business faces and looking at developing ways so that the business is able to handle the required changes.

This paper proposes the manner in which the Queensland Railways could have initiated the change-making process and the manner in which effectiveness in the business can be managed. This paper will propose a different mechanism which Queensland Railways could have adopted and the manner in which the adoption of ways could have yield effectiveness in the process of carrying out different activities. About the Organization Queensland Railways as the name suggest looks at providing basic transport services in Queensland.

The railways to improve their business has looked at making changes by changing the organizational structure, centralizing the staff function, making changes in the human resource areas, focusing towards customer orientation and developing ways through which effectiveness has been gained in the entire process of carrying out different activities. The entire process has multiplied the different opportunities for the business and has helped to improve the business quality but continues to face different issues concerning employees, satisfaction and motivation of employees, difficulties in communicating and executing the plans.

Queensland Railways needs to focus towards determining ways which will lead effectiveness and will help to ensure that the entire business process changes lead towards multiplying effectiveness. This will thereby look at focusing on developing different ways and alternatives through which better changes can be initiated and the manner in which different changes are made can be better implemented. Identification of Different Issues The railways while looking to implement the change process is facing different issues which need to be addressed and ways have to be developed so that better effectiveness is gained.

Some of the issues which can be associated with the change process of Queensland Railways are as Queensland Railways faces issues associated with the functioning of the railways as employees are not clear about their role in the organization. Employees don’ t understand the different task which they need to perform and the manner in which their duties and obligations need to be carried out Changes in the organizational structure and reporting level is a new aspect for employees working in Queensland Railways. This has complicated the level of difficulty as they don’ t know the manner in which their roles are to be carried out (Duncombe, 2004).

Employees don’ t have the knowledge regarding it and having proper training will help to ensure clarity and help employees to carry out their roles Culture is another obstacle which the employees are facing as moving away from the old traditional culture to a more focused approach which looks at customer orientation is aspect employees are unclear. Changing and integrating the new culture by making changes in the manner organizations outlook towards new culture is an aspect which is ignored and needs to be addressed so that major changes in the same direction can be addressed. The change in the human resource policy by looking to downsize the underperforming employees, hiring employees from outside the organization, different training need and increase in the level of involvement for employees is an aspect which has been ignored.

This has raised resistance from employees as they are unwilling to move from traditional ways and is thereby acting as a hindrance in the path of growth which needs to be addressed The other issues which Queensland Railways is facing are that the employees are not trained with the new system which has affected their motivational level to work (Dent & Goldberg, 2009).  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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