Essays on Provide Advice On A New Selection Strategy For The Organisation Case Study

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IntroductionThe success story of any organization is based upon a powerful work force at any particular time. It is therefore a critical aspect to hire very competent employee so as to achieve the company goals and objectives as well as keep up with the ever growing industry competition. Company selection strategies need to be reviewed and redefined as often as possible to ensure that short listing of candidates is done in a highly professional manner and in the most unbiased way. Acquisition of better selection strategies will a stepping stone to realization of the company’s short-term and long –term goal through establishment of a more enabling team. Maximum expertise must be practiced in selecting managers for the vacant posts since managerial positions are the backbone of the company and more so the Human Resource manager.

Chances cannot be given to incompetence as a result of ignorance and negligence of under qualified employees. In as much as the company will spend much time and resources in the search for the most appropriate persons for the posts, the benefits will be remarkable and long lasting.

In addition to this, the company will have adapted an efficient culture of employee recruitment every time new employees are needed. Resourcing of employees should by all means increase the breadth of experience of the organization and heighten the competitive advantage of the industry over others in the same line of production. It is therefore imperative for the selector team to apply the best practice to find a person who meets the above qualifications. Basing qualification on education achievement is not an adequate approach to development of a powerful workforce and it may only lead to feeble results.

Selection should be all rounded basing it on other factors in addition to academic qualifications. Personal talent is a useful consideration in apportioning the positions. This not only creates a competitive advantage but also spares the company resources of internal operations trainings. A blanket machine department manager with a closer interest in operations involved in the department may help the company realize better outcomes. It is however paramount for him to possess adequate knowledge regarding machine operations for example certifications in mechanical engineering are a compulsory requirement. The matter of an additional HR manager should be handled with agency if effective teamwork is to be achieved.

Considering the large number of employees working in the company, limited HR personnel may have been a contributing factor to the derailed growth of the company. Generally, the tasks of a HR are strenuous and time consuming. Such responsibilities which include recruitment of employees, preparations distribution of payrolls, researching the web on strategies of improving employee motivation among others cannot be accurately delivered by a single HR.

With a stronger HR office, the company stands the chance of accruing benefits of a well trained, motivated and cohesive working team. Objectives of any recruitment procedure should be clearly defined and outlined to ensure that these tasks are for the company development and not for personal benefits. Clear expectations of the employees must also be set before the selection process. It should be the company policy to recruit employees only when need arises. In this case, need is taken to mean a shortage in the labourforce due to emergence of new departments or installation of new machines.

An old employee heading towards retirement may call for a replacement.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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