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The paper "Leadership across the Organisation" is an outstanding example of a management assignment.   The late Hayek was the proprietor of the Swatch, a Swiss company that makes watches that are sold all over the world (Lander & Ferry 1994). Hayek made the most famous comebacks in the business world. Nicholas Hayek employed a classical method of leadership that is the autocratic way of leadership. In this type of leadership, the leader has most of the power and makes most of the decisions and influence. An autocratic leader will not seek the opinion of the staff and they are expected to follow directions from the boss without questioning their decisions.

This style of leadership enables his Swatch Company to be successful in the watch market as he was able to compete with his Japanese competitors such as Seiko. This style of leadership is efficient especially ineffective supervision presented through directives. It is also important in giving staff roles in particular when there are processes to be followed. This, for instance, can be seen in the case of Swatch where Hayek used his skill to transform the company into a world watchmaker.

This leadership style is also imperative in making swift decisions and when there are activities to be synchronized between departments in an organization (Lepore 2012). Even though the autocratic type of leadership has its strengths, it also has its own shortcomings. This method of leadership does not go well with staff specifically because their opinions are not taken into account by the management and this can be un-motivating to the employees. The staff contribution that may sometimes be very important may be dismissed and this can lead to loss of great ideas that could have been contributed by staff.

This approach means that the employees are distrusted by the company. This method employs coercion and castigation to induce the employees of a company. Hence this approach may not work well in all organizations as the staff may not be motivated because the company does not seek their points of view in major decisions of the company. Q. 2. Through his leadership skills and business knowledge, Hayek came up with strategies that enabled Swatch to become a recognized watch company in the world.

Hayek came up with a new watch model that would compete with Japanese models in the market. The watch that Hayek designed had a low-cost production, unlike Japanese models. This was major because the new watches had plastic and fewer parts than those of their competitors hence it was cheaper to produce them. Hayek also employed his communication and marketing skills in ensuring that his products regained a huge market share that had been lost before. He used celebrities to endorse his products and put in place an aggressive marketing campaign.

With all this moves the company gained a lot in terms of profitability in Europe and in the United States as their brands became a household name (Moran 2011). As can be seen in the case of Swatch, the leadership in place is very important in determining the capabilities of the company. Companies that have got the right leadership are in a position to hasten important company projects and make important revolutions in industry and worldwide. An effective leadership style is imperative in identifying problems and coming up with the solutions to solve them and also identify the opportunities in the market.

The leadership method in the organization is indispensable as the leader is tasked with ensuring capacity building in the organization and process. The leadership style is reflected by the company’ s profitability because of the better the leadership style the higher the profitability of the company. The leaders in the company are the drivers of change and this can be best seen in the situation of the Swatch Company. The leader in the company plays an imperative role in inculcating the culture of the organization to the workers.

The leaders promote teamwork in the company and ensure that they promote the team spirit in the organization. Through the leadership of Hayek, the company transformed from a loss-making company into a major watchmaker in the market and all over the world (Kim 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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