Essays on Improving Workplace Environment in Sydney Clinic Case Study

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The paper "Improving Workplace Environment in Sydney Clinic" is a great example of a management case study.   Undeniably, there are many reasons why employees can be underperforming in our organisation, which can be personal or work-related. Because the organization was interested to find out the causes of poor performance and the factors linked to technological systems and are responsible for the poor service delivery, I undertook thorough scrutiny of the whole clinic. I determined if the employees have sufficient knowledge using organized personal interviews to see whether they have a motivational problem or improper attitude.

I also collected and documented what the workers should do and what they fail to do. I also tried to observe the workers perform tasks and check their past performance appraisals and the different employees whom the workers worked with so that I could get to understand the causes of the poor service delivery in the organization To begin with, it was clear that there is a need for new and current technologies to be embraced in the clinic. The technological advances mostly yield new enhancements in patient care quality and economics.

Installation and embrace of its users need training and retraining of staff and new specialist’ s recruitment. The technology is beneficial as it is supposed to enhance speed and accuracy. What appeared most important was the fact that physicians must be allowed to access computer systems from anywhere they are so that they can share important information. They will have the ability to check the evaluation of a client without having to physically go to the clinical department. This will reduce unnecessary delays in treatment. Additionally, because many employees exhibited poor for performance, the organization should provide additional coaching, technological systems, or experiences to the workers who do not have the required knowledge and skills to operate the technologies that will be acquired such as Telehealth.

In other words, the organization has to use coaching strategies to improve the employee’ s ability to use the equipment for increased productivity. Moreover, in case some workers have challenges with their behaviors, the workers should be addressed through mentoring and counseling. However, it is clear that because technologies are complicated and need an unprecedented level of integration, improvements will be difficult and expensive. Most employees were found to have favourable job knowledge and attitude but had an unsatisfactory performance.

This is because the working place is not designed ergonomically, need improvement, there are not enough resources, and many suffered from fatigue for working long hours. Moreover, some workers were placed in their job positions improperly. It seems that there is a big problem with the employee selection in the Human Resource Management, and transfer or discharge can be given to the management of the healthcare systems to mitigate this issue. There is also poor communication between management and workers in the organization.

This is largely because in the current age, workers do value the social media platforms, and they perceive Facebook to be the best alternative since it is convenient and easy for internal communication. The organization should implement social media networking and use the middle ground for communication with workers. Accordingly, workers will be able to easily spark a conversation upon the updated status. Every employee will be given an opportunity to see comment no matter his or her hierarchy.

This will present an opportunity that can be used to enhance the working environment and relationship. Consequently, the employee’ s organisational commitment will be increased with the decrease in power distance (how the organisation has distributed power distance). This will create a sense of belonging by increase the employee’ s commitment through emotional capital. For example, to reduce the power difference between subordinates and their bosses, the executives can start posting on internet sites and spark conversations with workers.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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