Essays on Public Health Law, Please Not Exceed 300 Words Essay

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No matter what, a motorist is supposed to stop at a stop sign. In the given scenario above, it can be seen that drivers do not only need to stop whenthere are cameras or law enforcement agents at a stop sign. As the name suggests, it should be a habit for the driver to stop when he approaches a stop sign. Exercising caution when driving on a public road is always recommended since this helps the driver to ensure his safety as well as other road users. Another important thing to take into account is the fact that a road sign is law in itself.

It may not be possible to have law enforcement agents at every corner of the road so the traffic signs would play the same role. Failure to stop at a stop sign is tantamount to breaking the law. In actual fact, the law say you must stop when you approach a stop sign. The law does not say you may or otherwise so the driver must stop even if the road is clear.

Misjudgement is often common where some motorists often view the road ahead of them as clear such that they are tempted not to stop at a stop sign. Fatal accidents are often recorded as a result of this kind of behaviour. In most cases, vehicles travelling on highways may be driving at excessive speeds such that there may fail to break to avoid colliding with other cars filtering from feeder roads. A car on the highway has right of way and it may collide with those coming from the sides if the drivers fail to observe the sign.

Assumptions and misjudgements on public roads are dangerous since they pose a threat to the safety of the other road users. Thus, where there is a stop sign, the driver must stop.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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